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Guide For People Looking To Buy Plant Trailers

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Automotive

A variety of material handling equipment is used in construction. To meet the safety and productivity requirements, it is essential to carry out efficient and safe transport of materials & other resources used during construction. The most ideal trailer for this purpose is the plant trailers. The chief reason behind this is that the plant trailer is versatile and easy to handle.  Many plant trailers for sale are available in the market out of which you can choose one to move large and small objects. This can be attached to any heavy-duty vehicle for fast transport. 

Plant trailers are more adaptable to varying conditions and more cost-effective as compared to the fixed conveyancing system. There are several types of plant trailers available in the market, similar to any other material handling equipment. The question that arises here is- how can you choose a plant trailer that’s a perfect fit for your needs? Let’s take a peek at this. 

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Two-wheel plant trailers 

The steering system of two-wheel auto-steer plant trailers is identical to the steering system of most of the automobiles. The front corner is more stable which makes these types of trailers the most commonly used trailer designs.  

Four-wheel plant trailers 

The front and rear steering wheels are connected to a steering rod in four-wheel auto-steer plant trailers. This trailer is able to make tighter and more accurate turns in comparison to the other trailers. When the worksite is comparatively smaller than these trailers are the most ideal choice. Off lately, these trailers are considered to have the best lateral stability. This makes these trailers more expensive as compared to the other types of trailers. Of the various plant trailers for sale, these trailers are quite popular, and their price is not a factor when you get the desired requirements fulfilled. 

Fifth-wheel steer trailers 

These types of trailers feature a single pivot joint at the front which follows to connect to the rear wheels. A steering axle connects the trailer’s body to the fifth wheel. The size of the wheel plate varies based on the capacity of the load and the trailer’s width. This trailer design has a stopping mechanism for assuring that the trailer is not overloaded in any way. 

Four-wheel steer trailers 

All types of plant trailers have a fixed axle except this type of trailer. A steering rod connects both the pivots which enable tighter turns and tracking more accurately in comparison to the fifth-wheel steer trailers. These types of trailers are the most ideal choice for greater strength as well as optimum tracking capability but are a little expensive.

How to choose the best plant trailer? 

There are various tradie trailers for sale and heavy duty trailers out in the market, but plant trailers stand out to be the preferable choice. However, bad selection may bring a bad experience to you. In choosing the best plant trailer for you, consider the stability as well as the capacity of the equipment. You must ensure that the trailer can carry the load it is intended to. Compare the different trailers to be assured that the selected one is not just economical but versatile too.