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Guide For Frameless And Semi Frameless Glass Shower Screens

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Bathroom Product, Bathroom services

A frameless glass shower screen does not have any frames, whereas a semi-frameless shower screen is slightly framed. Though they both serve the same purpose, they are slightly distinct in style and design. 

Basic Properties of Frameless Glass Shower Screens

Thicker Glass

Frameless glass shower screens in Sydney are made with thick glass because they lack the structural advantage of metal framing. Typically, the glass should be approximately a quarter-inch thick. This thick glass is essential because it enhances the functionality and durability of the shower screen.

frameless glass shower screens

Right or Left Opening

A majority of frameless shower screens have the preference of the pivots being fixed on either side. The shower screen can open on the left or right according to the owners’ preference.


Frameless glass shower screens in Sydney are quite appealing to the eyes. This is because they comprise simple but thick slabs of glass that are designed to resemble cubes. Hence, these shower screens will enhance the aesthetic qualities of the bathroom, making it look sophisticated.


Since they are made with quite thick slabs of glass, frameless shower screens can be quite heavy. A 72” by 36” frameless glass shower screen can approximately weigh up to 70 pounds as compared to a framed one, which typically weighs between 45 – 50 pounds.

Easy to Install

A frameless glass shower screen is quite easy to install. This is because it does not have plenty of components that require complex installation. Hence, one can install it alone without requiring professional help. This is convenient and suitable for the home environment.

Basic Properties of Semi Frameless Shower Screens

Magnetic Closing Grasp

Semi-frameless shower screens have a magnetic catch that enables the screen to close well. This magnetic catch keeps the screen in the perfect lining at all times. Moreover, it is convenient for the occupants because they will not have to worry about closing the screen.

Distinctively Shaped Profile

A semi-frameless shower screen in Sydney is uniquely designed with a distinctive profile. This ensures that excess water is redirected back to the shower. This contemporary thin-lined frame enhances the ease to clean.

Pivot Patch Fitting

Refined and simple door hinges are harmonized to synchronize with the frame. This makes the semi-frameless shower screens easy to open and close at any time. Moreover, the stainless-steel pivots are constructed to guarantee ease of use.

Standard double pull knob

To top it all up, a unique double pull doorknob is installed on the semi-frameless shower screens. Typically, the doorknob is of a diameter of 25mm and can be found in a wide range of finishes.

Benefits of Frameless and Semi Frameless Shower Screen


The semi-frameless and frameless glass shower screen is quite durable because it is made of thick glass. In addition to durability, they are both safe for the occupants in the home.

Ease to Clean and Maintain

The frameless and semi-frameless shower screens are quite easy to clean and maintain. Hence, the homeowners will not consume much time and energy cleaning the shower screens. This saves time that would have been spent cleaning or maintaining the shower screens.

This comprehensive guide to frameless and semi-frameless shower screens will be quite helpful to help in selecting the best and most convenient for your home bathroom.