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Granny Flats in Campbelltown NSW

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Construction

Granny flats in Campbelltown, NSW region are a pretty recent development. Their growing popularity everywhere prompted the NSW government to permit all residential home-owners to construct a granny flat on their property. People often confuse them with dual occupancy but granny flats are self-contained secondary dwellings, built in the backyard of a primary dwelling unit. Unlike dual occupancies, they aren’t created through a subdivision of a property. They are extremely stylised and intricately planned units with a variety of uses. Granny flats can be an elegant addition to your existing property. Granny flats in Campbelltown, NSW area are compact, flexible, organised and comfortable accommodation with smaller investment costs. They can be constructed within a restricted budget and makes your property more attractive to future buyers.

Granny flats in Campbelltown, NSW are now looked upon as a very lucrative investment opportunity, with potentially large return prospects. They can be used for accommodating growing kids, as a guest house, an office, a gym, and the like. Traditionally, older individuals moved into granny flats because of the ease of maintenance but today, they are preferred living spaces by young individuals, office-goers, students looking for cheap accommodation, etc. Thus, granny flats in Campbelltown, NSW region are rented out quite frequently and at affordable costs.

Homeowners who wish to build granny flats in Campbelltown, NSW region are free to do so and do not require the permission of the local council any longer. However, there are certain general regulations that these house owners should adhere to. They have been listed below:

  1. These granny flats in Campbelltown, NSWshould not exceed the standard limit of 60 square meters to 80 square meters.
  2. The owner of the primary dwelling should also be the owner of the granny flat.
  3. The minimum size of your primary dwelling should be 450 meters square.
  4. There can be only one granny flat constructed on each resident property.
  5. They cannot exist on a subdivided state title or community title property.

Those granny flats in Campbelltown, NSW region which do not meet the aforementioned requirements can be approved by filing for a Development Application (DA), which is then approved by your local council. To save yourself from these hectic proceedings, it is best to hire a granny flat builder who is experienced and aware of the legal proceedings that the construction of granny flats in Campbelltown, NSW area requires. The design consultant on the builder’s team can look into the whole legal process and submit applications on your behalf.

High quality, affordable flats that are designed to achieve maximum return on investment attract a huge amount of house owners who then look for professionals to construct a well-designed and customised flat. There has been a massive boost in the builders of granny flats in Campbelltown, NSW area. While looking for a builder, make sure to hire licensed professionals with a fully functioning team of architects, design consultants, customer service agents, etc who deliver specifically tailored granny flats, depending on the requirement and budget of the house owners.