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Granny Flat Seven Hills: An Extension Of Your Dream House

by | Sep 15, 2019 | Real Estate

Granny flats are a great extension to our living with complete separate space and absolute privacy. They offer you lots of comforts and are quite easy to maintain. The granny flats in seven hills also have an aesthetic added to it. While the growth of granny houses is increasing every day, there are certain basic requirements that come along with it. 

As good as it seems to be, the granny house in seven hills have a complete process to go through before you actually start living it is. Though, the purpose of these houses is to give the elderly a separate space of their own, it is nowadays switched from its literal meaning and have started with the accommodation of kids to provide them with their separate spaces, or to house help and even put them up on rent which in most parts of the region is illegal.

But among all of the ideas of a beautiful tiny house, it is important to take note of what are the basic requirements of granny flats in seven hills-


The foremost important thing is to know whether or not you need a granny flat. Creating any such new environment requires the dedication of its own, and it is important to know that you are ready for that effort or not. There should be a clear thought of the current situation and what is the actual requirement of the same. What is the purpose behind your granny flat and to have a clear vision of it is an important factor? Simply creating a big building in the name of the granny flat is not something you would appreciate.


Now that you know that you actually need a granny flat seven hills, it is up to you where do you dedicate this pace in or near your house. The conventional idea is to create a space near the home but a little outside of it. But the people in the spree of saving space and adjusting within limited resources, are building it on top to the hose as separate floor or over the garage as a separate room.

Design and Type 

How do you want your mini flat to be is very much important and therefore you should have a clear outline of how you want this to be done. Once you have decided on the design and location, how you want it to be is the next important thing. The paint, colour, theme and other décor thing is all your call. Let the rest fall back to places. Keeping all these factors into consideration, keep working on the idea of your kind of perfect granny house, and at a picturesque location, get the best granny flat in seven hills. With the thought of a small beautiful space, cover the distance of house to home under the beautiful skies of seven hills.