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Get That Graceful Appearance With Concrete Resurfacing

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Construction

Concrete resurfacing is the best method to give that touchy look to your home. It is not costly and you will be sure to get the best outcomes. People today are well aware of spray-on concrete resurfacing that is enhancing their home’s appearance. 

Concrete is an artificial material consisting of cement, sand, water, and gravel. Despite the strength of concrete structures, external influences – temperature, humidity, aggressive substances, lead to wear, and inevitable destruction.

Concrete and reinforced concrete structures exposed to atmospheric and groundwater with cyclic freezing and thawing, significantly reduce their technical characteristics in most cases after 5-10 years. In the future, if repair work is not carried out, irreversible destructive processes develop in the surface layer of concrete, expressed by the intensive formation of microcracks, a decrease in the strength of cement stone, and the waterproof structure with an intense increase in corrosion processes.

There are several ways to protect concrete and concrete structures today, and one of the ways is to apply spray-on concrete resurfacing. As a rule, most solutions come down to the use of impregnation and a protective coating. The main criterion for assessing the quality of materials to create a waterproofing is durability.

The most common way to create waterproofing protection is to use a multilayer coating of rolled deposited, gluing, and mechanically fixed materials. In the world practice of creating waterproofing membranes from rolled materials, the tasks of monitoring the quality of time, and the reliability of their work have not been entirely resolved. When laying rolled materials, many seams and overlap joints are inevitable. These materials are not able to fully reproduce the contours of the protrusions of mates and changes in the plane of structures. Difficulties arise when laying on vertical surfaces (especially wet); they require high complexity of laying with a complex design profile and in a limited space; they have a low resistance to low temperatures.

Another common method is the use of liquid-based materials based on polyurethanes, bitumen, rubbers, etc. Each of these materials has unique protective properties and is applied by various methods. The most modern and effective is the technique of spraying materials on a polyurethane basis.

Concrete resurfacing has several goals:

  • Aesthetic component. Gray concrete does not look very attractive. With the help of spray products, you can significantly refine the base.
  • Protective functions. Spray resurfacing will increase the floor service life, enhance moisture resistance, resistance to atmospheric and aggressive environments, increase mechanical strength, and hygiene.
  • Elimination of small defects in the form of cracks and smoothing of irregularities.

The finished sprayed coating needs to be moistened after one day for one week, provided that the ambient temperature is above 5 ° C. The equipment should be flushed with water and blown away with air from concrete traces immediately upon completion of work or during downtime.

If you wish to have wonderful new surfaces, you should opt for spray-on concrete resurfacing. The technique provides a completely new look to any surface.