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Get started with the latest Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

by | May 6, 2020 | Digital Marketing

Digital marketing technologies have been rapidly evolving, so we have to keep up with this latest digital trends. Therefore, we curated a list of digital marketing trends that every business owner must get started with these strategies right now!

Here are some latest digital marketing trends, you must opt for:

Shoppable posts:

Instagram’s shoppable posts have brought a dynamic change in e-commerce & brand’s marketing strategy. However, with shoppable posts, suddenly brands are given the chance to show their Instagram accounts into the visual on-line store, By adding product tags and data to their pictures and linking to product a selected product page. This efficient searching expertise may be a revelation for Instagram users and a particularly exciting development for e-commerce stores and other businesses that totally rely on Instagram for their sales.


As compared to big celebrities or influencer accounts, micro-influencers gain more engagement which would be beneficial for your brand. The Interaction rate is very high amongst the major influencer, as a micro-influencer, you can target on point to your potential customer. Many micro-influencer speaks through every common doubt & question that the audience has in regard to a certain product or service. Whereas another celebrity influencer, we’ll have to pay a massive amount. Micro-influencers will be an ultimate choice not just solely pushing your business in front of the audience, however, it will facilitate a good amount of sale of your product.

Pinterest lens:

Pinterest has introduced Pinterest lens technology which will help you find related products, services. The Pinterest lens has brought the visual search to its latest smartphones worldwide. A new visual search tool that uses machine vision to detect objects in the real world and suggest related items on the service, goods & products. Lens, which is now newly added, is a tool inside the Pinterest mobile app that functions as a kind of Shazam which is used for hunting music. Point it at food, furniture, or even the night sky, and Pinterest lens will return objects that it believes are related to what you captured in the Pinterest lens

Voice Search:

The Biggest transformation in the latest digital technologies. Voice search has the potential technology for pushing your business & brand. Out of one thousand five hundred goes for voice search rather than typing it on the laptop or mobile device. The voice search, it’s one or none. Its winner takes it all. It means that if you’re not before your competition, then you will stand in this competition then voice search otherwise you are part of nothing. Yet, are not opted or part of those five hundred voice searchers then simply just get started with it!


YouTube isn’t simply a website for watching funny viral videos any longer. It’s the second most visited website worldwide on the Internet and is the second most well-liked search engine after google. Vlogging, or video blogging. At an early age, YouTube was the site that was used as a video directory. Today, it’s a multi-million dollar industry. There are various vloggers, from various categories such as lifestyle, fashion & beauty, so YouTube is an ultimate platform to get started, whether who wants to earn or simply wants to share their life or business who wants to engage more numbers of audience. Keep in mind vlogging is similar to owning your own brand.

Wrapping up

There are many twists and turns in the pre 2020, apart from that there are also some major trends as well. Keep in mind that as an entrepreneur we must keep evolving according to the fastest digital trends in the technology and discover how we opt it as our marketing strategies to stay ahead in a fast competing world. Now, this is the time to start adopting these marketing strategies if you haven’t already. To know more such updates visit or get in touch with us +91 9967 020 785