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Get A New Fence Or A Privacy Screen Newcastle?

by | May 18, 2021 | Home Improvement

Homeowners who are operating on tight budgets can benefit a lot from getting a cost-effective privacy screen in  Newcastle. Here’s why getting these screens is a better option than installing a new fence. 

All homeowners crave privacy. That’s why they install fences. When these fences get damaged, their need for privacy remains unaddressed. Given that replacing an expensive fencing structure made of steel or timber is extremely expensive and time-intensive, the practice of installing privacy screen in Newcastle has become extremely popular. What are privacy screens, and can they help homeowners negate the costs of having their fences completely replaced? Let’s explore these privacy screens. 

What are Privacy Screens?

A privacy screen, as the name suggests, is a fence-like structure that homeowners install to shield their homes from external disturbances. Be it your neighbour’s constant chattering or the risk of strangers walking inside your property – installing a privacy screen Newcastle addresses a lot of issues. More impressively, privacy screens can be installed in front of your existing fence (the one that got damaged). 

If your neighbours are complaining about your broken fence, install a privacy screen, and they’ll stop with their complaints. As long as your local council is fine with the height and nature of the privacy screen, you can install them at any location on your property. After installation, you’ll enjoy benefits like – 

  • Avoid the expensive hassles of replacing your fence completely
  • Design your privacy screen any way you want; they can boost your property’s curb appeal
  • Avoid negotiating with pesky neighbours or local council members
  • These are the reasons why getting expensive fence replacements isn’t a better solution than installing a privacy screen Newcastle. 

Installing a Modular Privacy Screen

Your local council may have some pre-existing rules and regulations regarding privacy screens. Since a privacy screen, Newcastle is technically within the boundaries of the homeowner’s property, regulations regarding these structures are vastly different from standard fencing regulations. So, make sure to visit your local council website and to look for details such as – 

  • Maximum height requirements
  • Length requirements 
  • Clear definitions of your property’s boundaries
  • Regulations regarding the materials of the screen

Typically, council members approve all requests for installing privacy screen Newcastle. As long as the installation is deemed sensible and necessary, neighbours also consent to these installations. 

After receiving the go-ahead from your local council, take these steps – 

  • Measure your site; make sure the privacy screen is installed at a slight distance from your existing fence posts and concrete foundations.
  • Make sure the ground you’re excavating to install the privacy screens is stable. 
  • Have your privacy screen painted as quickly as possible after the installation 
  • Call a professional installer of privacy screen in Newcastle for detailed consultations.

What Happens After You Install the Privacy Screen?

You’ll essentially create a safe, secure, sound-free, and extremely private backyard retreat by installing privacy screens. If your privacy screen reaches up to 2.5m or 3m heights, it’ll also reduce the noise coming inside your property by 200 to 250 decibels. 

An aesthetically pleasing privacy screen will serve as a classy backdrop for your backyard. If you get professional designers involved, you can have them design a privacy screen that serves as the striking focal point of your backyard region.