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Gap Left At The Bottom During Roller Door Service Will Let Debris And Money In And Out

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Business, garage doors

If you are not careful during roller door service and leave a gap around the garage door it will not only let the debris and air in and out of it but will also let you’re hard-earned money flow out through the gap. Make sure that the weather seals it perfect and replace it if cracked or damaged.

This rubber weather seal at the sides and the bottom of your garage door will deteriorate over time and a vinyl door seal may be missing altogether.

This is, however, one of the most common problems faced by most homeowners when it comes to servicing and maintenance of garage doors. 

Functions and features of weather seal

There are different types of weather seals that you can install to keep out unwanted debris and pests from entering your garage through the bottom and around the opening of the door.

This will keep the structure clean and protected from damage costing you heavily on its repairs. 

  • The weather seal installed in your garage door is specifically designed to keep debris, leaves, bugs, and rodents out but over time it will deteriorate to leave a gap around the door. Fortunately, you will find a number of solutions to rectify this problem and bring the door back into its original shape.
  • This weather seal usually has rubber at the bottom and vinyl at the sides and top of the opening. Due to the exposure to the elements these materials will wear and tear out over time and you will need to replace them. You will get replacement weather seals online and you can repair or replace these easily.

Reasons to replace the bottom weather seal

There are different reasons for the bottom weather seal to lose its effectiveness and functionality. 

  • You find that it has shrunk or has grown stiff leaving gaps under the garage door typically of about 3 to 4 inches. This usually happens in hotter climates but will take a few years to develop into a noticeable gap.
  • The bottom weather seal will also lose its shape and flattens because the garage door is in the down position most of the time. This will result in the loss of its effectiveness creating a gap between the bottom weather seal and the concrete floor of your garage. 
  • Also in colder climates, these bottom weather seals will lose their pliability very quickly and will need frequent replacement. 

You do not need professional expertise or call an expert automatic garage door repairs in Sydney for replacing the bottom weather seal on a garage door. You will get a universal bottom weather seal kit for this purpose.

This kit comes with everything you require to replace the bottom seal. It will include an 18 feet bottom rubber seal, an aluminium retainer and screws to attach it to the grooves.

If you buy from a reputed source, this universal kit will fit in most automatic garage doors that are available today on the market.