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Highlights Of Freestanding Baths In Sydney

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Home Improvement

Sophistication is the main factor to be considered while setting up the bath space in your house. Freestanding baths and built-in baths are the two common types of bath used in most of the houses. If your priority is on the appearance of the bath space then you can select freestanding baths. In this article let us discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and applications of the freestanding baths in Sydney.

Freestanding Baths in Sydney

In freestanding bath type, there is no attachment between the wall and the bath space. So you can use the wall space for different usage. Freestanding baths are easy to maintain so the life period of the freestanding baths is good when compared with the built-in baths. The freestanding bath provides a luxury feel and a good elegance for your bathrooms. 

Freestanding baths come in different shapes and sizes. You have a wide range of options to select the freestanding baths based on the size of the area. Select the medium size freestanding bath. It is best suited for the kids and the pets and also leaning space will be very convenient when compared with the deep and high freestanding baths. 

A variety of unique designs are available and can be implemented in freestanding bath types. Avant grade egg shape and claw foot are some of the famous and most commonly used designs of freestanding baths. The surrounding place near to the freestanding baths is very slippery so we should take extra care when small kids and elderly people are using it. To make the bath surface non-slippery you can use grab rails or non-slip mats.

Before starting the installation process of freestanding baths, have a detailed plan for the drainage, water supply system, space between the bath and the wall and the flooring type because it is very difficult to change once the freestanding baths are fixed. Consult professional plumber while planning. Sufficient space should be left between the wall and the bath for easy cleaning purposes. 

It is recommended to use hang curtains for the freestanding baths. It is very difficult to renovate an old bathroom but it is easy for fitting in the newly built area. Flooring is very easy for freestanding baths since there is no need for external attachment of the bath with the floor but try to use reinforced floor because the overall weight of the freestanding bath type is very heavy. Storage is the main disadvantage of the freestanding bath. Bathroom caddy can be used as a storage place. 

The cost of a freestanding bath is a little high when compared to the built-in bath type. The installation cost is also very less and the process is also easy when compared with other bath types. The cost of the freestanding bath differs according to the design and the quality. Freestanding baths are widely used and preferred by the people who take extra time to relax while taking bath and also who give priority to the look of the bath area.