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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing 101: Know Your Options!

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Fencing & Balustrades

The pool is the favorite spot to hang out for a variety of families during the summer. Who doesn’t want to dive into the cold waters on a humid summer day? Today, though having fun, the activity for children and adults must still be assured. Fencing around the pool is a perfect way not only to maximise aesthetic appeal but also to avoid injuries.

  • Importance of the fencing around the pools

A lot of jurisdictions are mandated to provide some form of barricade around a swimming pool. This has been achieved after a number of studies have found that more than 50 percent of drowning deaths happened in the pool due to the lack of any demarcation or fence in the pool area. Nowadays, several types of elegant frameless glass pool fencing are being erected to shield children and other visitors who may not be conscious of the presence of a lake. Any features of the pool find it difficult for them to be visible from a distance unless you are very nearby. Following instructions will guide you into a better frameless glass pool fencing decision.

  • What’s frameless glass fencing?

Unlike conventional glass panes, this style has no noticeable joints, and what you see is a set of smooth frames. The glass used is of the finest quality and the edges are very clean and polished. The faces of the frameless glass pool fencing do not have any sort of metal sides, and it is just the bottom side that has steel hinges to be fixed to the ground. One has the impression that they’re floating in the air. There’s no reason to think about the steel hinges on the bottom being corroded or corrosion since they’re stainless steel.

curved frameless glass pool fencing

  • Why frameless glass fencing?

The main explanation for this is, of course, that it is one of the most beautiful and sophisticated ways of maintaining protection and protection. The frameless glass pool fencing is typically seen in extremely comfortable settings. The explanation is that the opaque fence obscures the view and the exquisite decoration of the pool and its surrounding environment.

The next explanation is that when underwater, both children and adults also have a glimpse of nature beyond the panes. Imagine swimming in the cold waters and gazing at the lovely trees of your yard. It’s a really calming experience, and you can get rid of tension in just a few minutes.

Then, if there’s a picnic in the garden and the kids are gathered around the pool; you can always keep an eye on them through frameless glass pool fencing so that the moment something goes wrong; you can run to the place. If the fencing was an invisible sort, then one would not know that an event had taken place until it was too late. Transparent panels often offer the impression that they have more peace than they really have.

Now that you’ve weighed all the points; you’re likely to conclude that frameless glass pool fencing really is the most trendy, elegant, and secure fence anywhere. Let the seamless, transparent glass improve the aesthetic nature of your gorgeous pool and encourage any visitor to appreciate it without actually taking a swim!