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Four steps of executing the perfect contiguous piling.

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Services

The construction business is considered a profit-generating business. This industry is growing swiftly with the innovation and advancement of society. If you are into this business, you will accept the importance and popularity of concrete. 

 Contiguous piling is one such area where concrete is applied to strengthen the foundation of the building by transferring the load of the upper portion of the building to the underground base of the structure.

Methods of contiguous piling

Contiguous piling can be completed in three ways. Namely:

  • CFA (Continuous Flight Auger)

You can use this method of contiguous piling where there is a time limitation. Instead of boring piles, drilling is done, and concrete is poured continuously in a short time frame to ensure quick installation. Initially, a steel cage is prepared, followed by pouring the concrete into a specific area.

  • CSP (Cases Secant Piling)

If you have undertaken a small dam or temporary water tank construction, this particular type of contiguous piling is perfect. This piling method is cost-effective for projects involving water retention temporarily.

  • LDA (large Diameter Auger Piling)

These are traditional piles constructed to carry a heavy load. If the ground condition of your project is unfavourable, then you can opt for this. You can also use it for building large or medium structures.

 Four easy steps to execute contiguous piling 

If you are engaged in under-construction work, follow these four steps to get the best result of contiguous piling. The steps mentioned below are applicable for each pile.

  1. First, you need to use the wooden peg to find the centre of the pile to outline the gap between the two piles.
  2. Secondly, you are supposed to apply the auger, to bore a hole inside the soil for executing the third step.
  3. After the borehole is complete, you need to place the steel cage inside the hole.
  4. Finally, concrete is poured into the steel cage.

It is the entire process of constructing a single pile. But repetition is required for preparing other piles to support the complete foundation.

Usually, contiguous piling is adapted due to the following reasons. 

You can consider these as benefits of applying this method. 

  • You can install it on rough ground. 
  • Walls installed with this method are constructed much faster compared to the other methods of contiguous piling.
  • This type of piling ensures equal load-bearing. 
  • It is also the most cost-effective method of piling. 
  • You can apply this method easily where there is variation in load.
  • In case footings are located in close-by buildings, and there are underground electrical connections and other utilities then contiguous piling will be ideal for such places.

This contiguous piling work is best suitable for dry yet fir soil. It will be wise of you to avoid this piling, in case the ground has high water content. Always consult with your engineer before applying this method.

All in all, this piling method can save you time and money. So, be wise to apply this method in case, you have accepted to execute a complicated project.

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