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Four Major Misconceptions About Stainless Steel Fabrication Blacktown

by | May 12, 2021 | Travel

Due to the high upfront costs of stainless steel, many engineers and designers tend to avoid stainless steel fabrication Blacktown. But, the truth is totally different. 

“I find working with stainless steel extremely challenging” – you’re only saying that if you’re a manufacturer with outdated tools, techniques, and mindsets. Modern-day stainless-steel fabrication Blacktown is carried out using highly advanced tools and equipment. With these tools, professional custom metal fabricators can easily cut, weld, bend, etc., stainless steel. 

As long as companies find the right experts of stainless steel fabrication Blacktown who are confident about handling stainless steel welds, working with this ultra-reliable metal can be extremely beneficial in the long run. Here are some shocking misconceptions about this overlooked material –

Myth 1 – The Costs of Stainless-Steel Will Drain the Project Budget 

Although it’s true that material costs make up a significant share of the production budget, working with stainless-steel isn’t as expensive as people think (wrongly) it is – 

  • Expert fabricators refine material usage all through the fabrication process, keeping material costs as low as possible. 
  • The fabricators constantly collaborate with their clients to figure out new ways of cost reductions.
  • They use the latest CNC machining to make the budget flexible.
  • Partnering with local stainless-steel fabricators is a very cost-effective process. Clients get to inspect the facilities and equipment used by the experts of stainless-steel fabrication Blacktown to ensure they’re up to desired quality standards. 

Staying local also saves shipping and delivery fees. So, the notion that the high upfront costs of stainless steel will drain the project budget is completely untrue. 

Myth 2 – Stainless-Steel Isn’t Recyclable 

Over 40% of stainless steel in the country is sourced from used melted stainless-steel scraps. So, companies dedicated to reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact they have on neighbouring communities can benefit a lot from working on stainless-steel fabrication processes. 

Myth 2 – Fabricating Stainless-Steel is Difficult

This statement would’ve rung true fifteen years ago. Now, the experts of stainless-steel fabrication Blacktown, use top-of-the-line equipment to cut, weld, bend, fuse, and pretty much apply any fabrication technique to stainless steel. Plus, stainless steel is corrosion resistant which makes it easier to work with. 

If the clients choose to work with stainless steel with high chromium content or stainless steel that’s nickel-alloyed, they also receive heat protection. Fabricated stainless steel can be easily used to create feedwater heaters, heat exchangers, boilers, valves, etc. 

Myth 4 – Can’t Produce High Strength Projects Using Stainless-Steel

Contrary to belief, one of the main reasons why modern-day experts of stainless-steel fabrication Blacktown prefer working with stainless steel is the material’s splendid strength to weight ratio. Stainless steel’s strength to weight ratio is significantly higher than other metals in similar categories.

Since the material has cold and hardening properties, fabricators don’t have to focus too much on material thickness while fabricating customized solutions. Stainless steel fabrications don’t need to weigh heavy to offer strength. As a result, reducing costs is very easy, especially in projects that are operating on tight budgets. 

Want your fabricated item to weigh less, cost less, and still offer optimum strength? Use stainless-steel! Some stainless-steel grades can even be heat-treated and made even stronger. In truth, stainless-steel fabrication is tailor-made for high-strength projects and applications.