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Fly Screen Installation Made Easy

by | Dec 24, 2019 | Home Improvement, Safety

Flies and insects can possess to be a real threat to households. During a specific time of the year, they are attracted by the light, mainly at night. You should find out a way to deal with them for your safety. The majority of the insects and flies enter the house through open windows and keeping them closed can cause a problem during the sultry summer days.

Fly screens become essential in such cases, and they are sold by almost all window screens in Sydney suppliers. Such window screens are made of wire mesh, and they are installed over the windows to keep insects and flies at bay. Several types of fly screens are there, and each type is meant for preventing a specific type of insects.

Fly screen installation in Sydney is an easy DIY job. However, if you lack the required equipment and the needed confidence, call in a fly screen installation service provider.

Fixing fly screens

Installation of window screens in Sydney is a very satisfying DIY job, provided there are several openings around the house. 

A majority of the timber window frames come with a smooth portion in the moulding that makes the installation process easier. If there is no such rebate in your window, lay the fly screens flat against the outer part of the window.

If you have a sliding window, the rebate for window screens will be present on the outer surface. On the other hand, outward opening windows like awning windows will surely have the screen fitting surface on the inside. However, the installation of inside screens is a complicated job as you have to add mechanical winders to make sure the windows open quickly without having to remove the screens. In the case of sliding windows, you should fix the screen into a separate outer track. 


Fly screen installation in Sydney is an easy job, provided you have the proper equipment ready. For the fly screens installation in Sydney process, you need –

  • Aluminium fly screen frame
  • Tape measure
  • Four corner connectors for each screen along with screws to fix them
  • Fibreglass screen mesh and toggle clips
  • Hacksaw
  • Plastic fly screen
  • Cordless drill
  • Utility knife

Step by step process

  • If you are dealing with an awning window, try out the following fly screen installation process. However, you can always call for a fly screen installation in Sydney company if you fail to understand the process.
  • You should stand inside your house and keep the two skirts on either end of the winder.
  • Make sure one end remains fitted with the rebated part while the other end goes well inside the edge of the jamb.
  • The skirts consist of pre-drilled holes, and your work is to set in two screws through them.
  • Now draw a small line with a pencil through the exposure of the jamb, leaving ½ quarter space from the top.
  • Hold the fly screen and try to fix it, keeping the bottom into the skirts.
  • You should push the screen forward so that it remains fixed against the lip. Holding the screen in the proper position, drill, and fix the screen clip.

Your fly screen installation in Sydney job is hence completed. Once you have learned the post thoroughly, it’s time to fix window screens in Sydney all by yourself.