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A Few Things You Must Ask Your Florist To Understand Flowers Better

by | Dec 23, 2021 | Business, Florists, Flowers and Gifts

It’s your big day, and you know flowers are essential, from decor to the bouquet. You need everything to be perfect and a picturesque site for your bridal entry. Now, how will you ensure this is perfect? Especially if it’s about flowers! If you’re calling a florist from North Rocks or anywhere in Australia, be sure to ask them the questions mentioned below before confirming flowers from North Rocks or Sutherland Shire or any other place for that matter. 

  • How Long Have You Been In Business?

This will allow you to understand who you are dealing with. Ask them how many years they have been in the field. The number will offer you a better idea of their experience. This means that the new florist in the town will ruin everything; however, the one who’s been in the business will have better solutions. This is one of the components you need to consider; however, if you trust the newbie, don’t be afraid to trust them. 

  • Are You Offering Your Services To Other Events On Wedding Date?

It is only fair for you to ask for their undivided attention on your wedding day. If they’re booked for another large-scale event or another wedding at a different location, be sure to look for other alternatives as there’s a chance of delay and mix-ups. 

  • What Would You Call Your Design Style?

We’re sure your wedding has a theme; as an artist, it is only natural for a florist from North Rocks to have a style of their own that defines their work. If you want a vintage-inspired theme for your big day and the florist defines their style as chic-modern, it’s your cue to knock on another door. You can always find florists who make every style and adapt according to the client’s demands. Be sure both you and your florists are on the same page with decor styling. 

  • Can I Review Your Portfolio?

Why rely on words when a picture speaks a thousand words? Check their portfolio and gauge their styling. It will offer you a better understanding of what to expect from them. 

  • What Flowers Do You Recommend?

They know their work, and you can trust them. Explain how you want your venue to look and the colour scheme. Mention a flower if you have any in mind, and allow your florist to share with you the options available with them. They will offer you a wide variety of flowers from North Rocks or Rosebery. 

  • What Flowers Are In Season Around Our Wedding Date?

Ask them about the seasonal collection as per your wedding date since seasons significantly impact nature. Locally-grown flowers will be budget-friendly, and you will have better variety as they will look natural. 

  • How Will The Flowers Be Stored And Transported?

The delicate charmers need to be well-kept to ensure that they remain good at your wedding. Discuss with florists how they plan to get the flowers to the venue. 

  • Are There Any Additional Fees?

When hire a florist to craft bouquets, centrepieces, and embellishments is already an expensive ordeal, so you’ll want to know if it could get any more costly before signing any cheques. Delivery, structure, breakdown and overtime costs can push you over allocation if you don’t account for them early.

  • Do You Provide Additional Decorative Items?

Ask if your florists offer any vases or extra decorative materials. This will offer you clear expectations. 

These questions will allow you to bond with your florist. While you learn their working style, they get to know your expectations!!