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Qualities That Set Apart An Excellent Florist From An Average One

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Florists, Flowers and Gifts

Florists are artists that arrange flowers to make exquisite decor and beautiful gifts. You will find many florists everywhere in Australia; however, certain qualities offer a particular florist from Macquarie Park several other advantages since their approach stands out and the decor or flowers provided by them give desired results. 


Those with a quick eye for colour combination and balance can ensure better results. They have a sense of tone and genuinely love the craft of flower arrangements. In addition, they will offer different types of arrangements for other occasions. They’re both trendsetters and breakers, providing an excellent design every time. 

People Skills

The work of a florist comes with handling different varieties of plants. It is not necessarily restricted to solely working with plants. The actual job involves arranging stories of people with varying types of flowers to offer the best gifts and arrangements for the clients; hence all the reliable florists are communicative and unique. They understand people and their requirements while working on different needs.

Customer Service Prowess

The goal of driving a floral business is to make beautiful arrangements that thrill their clients, and part of that job involves excellent customer service. Going the extra mile for the clients and doing it with a smile is how they earn repeat business, so good follow-up, addressing issues, and doing right by the customers is essential. Hence they are unmatched as service providers. 

Logistical Know-How

A large part of floristry is collecting and caring for the inventory they need to fulfil the orders. This means getting flowers wholesale, decorating them, and supervising them. On top of that, keeping track of the health of their plants, juggling orders, and getting the designs where they’re needed takes someone with a good head for logistics. Florists don’t need to be neurotically organised, but they should have excellent authority for details.

Business Management Skills

Floristry is a business; hence they need to bring the expertise like any other business. Fundamental analysis, staff management, packaging, and shipping orders all take organisational and administrative aptitudes essential for running a floral company. One might get into floristry of a passion for the craft. Still, a suitable leader for business (even the tough stuff like managing demanding customers and navigating challenging financial waters) will keep the business advantageous. Having such skills will showcase a profitable business, and they will give you a better result, surpassing your expectations. 


A significant part of floral work is that one can enter into long-term agreements with businesses, hotels, and lunchrooms to deliver reoccurring arrangements. Whether these agreements are daily, weekly, or monthly, relationships strengthen! A florist with vital relationship-building and relationship-administration skills will go far. 

To conclude, one needs to have all the above-mentioned skills to improve customer service. As a client, it is crucial to select a florist from Macquarie Park with the qualities mentioned above to ensure satisfaction, as you need someone who has the craft and professionalism to cater to your requirements.