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The Comprehensive Guide For Timber Floor Sanding Ryde

by | Apr 10, 2021 | Flooring, Home Improvement

You belong to one of those families who have opted out of the most commendable alternative of timber flooring. Timber flooring has several lucrative leverages. It is owing to your floor decision that your house appears aesthetically appealing and alluring. Some day if it seems unhealthy with lots of scratches, then you need not worry. Fortunately, with the use of timber floor sanding, you can revamp your house again in its most pleasant state.

The house flooring is where you are walking, playing with your kids, and pets and much more. Hence it requires to appear neat and original in its truest nomenclature.

Timber floors are well-known for their robustness, durability, elegance and natural appeal. But fortunately, as well as unluckily after a certain number of years, the flooring loses its first young appearance. Does your house is surrounded by energetic kids? Whether your pets scratch the wooden flooring? Does your wife possess high-heeled shoes?

Most people overlook the ideal perfect solution as they are transforming the floor or seeking new styles. So, this extravagance and luxurious manner makes them lose a considerable amount of money.

For maximum assistance, resolution and repair of the existing floor, the second foolproof decision would be to renovate the existing floor by opting for floor sanding in Ryde.

However, before ordering floor sanding, peruse this article to gain valuable insights.

Different Types Of Timber Flooring And Subsequent Floor Sanding Mechanisms:

Timber floors have three primary forms and styles. Moreover, floor sanding differs from type to type. It is imperative to rejuvenate yourself about what exactly is implied by each of the terms:

  • Hardwood 

This peculiar type of timber is produced from deciduous trees, which are popularly known as hardwoods. These species of wood are more robust than the other types of timber. This specific type of flooring is more costly as compared to softwoods. As hardwoods’ growth speed is less compared to softwoods, these types of timber are expensive in nature. The popular woods in this group are mahogany, teak, walnut, oak, ash, birch and maple. 

If your flooring is composed of hardwood, then you can sand it multiple times. Moreover, the outcome of sanding would astound you. It becomes more elegant as time passes because beautiful grains keep on changing while you are sanding timber. Finally, after floor sanding, you would truly adore the natural wooden flooring in your lovely house.

  • Softwood

The majorly available timber floors are composed of softwood. Interestingly, these woods are evergreen and do not shed leaves. These species of wood are soft and cheaper as compared to hardwoods. As mentioned earlier, they are fast-growing in nature. Floor sanding is the easiest mechanism because it is primarily not dense and complex.

  • Engineered Wood 

These wooden floors are composed of three different wooden layers. Additionally, they possess a different shielding finish. The majority of the people do not believe in sanding engineered timber flooring. Most probably, they feel that the layers of the floor can be damaged. But thanks to the latest savvy technology as well as thickness of the face layer. In most of the engineered woods, the surface layer possesses about 3mm thickness. And it is adequate and sufficient to sand several times. 

Accordingly, with lower grit sandpaper and professional sanding companies’ assistance, it is feasible to revamp the old and dirty timber flooring.


Floor Sanding is a job that always remains feasible within your reach. It is the kind of service you must be executed periodically to facilitate your surfaces are at their best appearance and manifestation. This aspect complements your house’s value, and you would become proud of your home and aesthetic maneuver.