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Want To Hire Experts For Renewing Your Floor?

by | May 20, 2021 | Flooring

If you are looking for expert services for floor sanding, then you need to hire flooring experts. In Chatswood, you shall find artisans having years of experience, and they are all licensed professionals. Therefore, you can completely rely on them for getting the best results at an affordable price. 

Floor sanding is done using modern techniques, materials and upgraded tools. Apart from sanding, we also provide floor polishing services to make your floor look appealing and shiny. 

Why Is Floor Sanding Required? 

Floor sanding services in Chatswood are provided to smoothen the uneven surface of your floor. Sanding is mainly done by using abrasive materials. Apart from timber, various floor materials can be sanded, like cork, parquet and particle boards. Some types of floors are actually designed for sanding. Especially if you are looking to renew the former gloss of your old hardwood floor, then sanding and polishing can make it possible. 

The 3 Stages Of Floor Sanding Chatswood 

Typically, sanding services provided in Chatswood happen in 3 stages:

  • Preparation

This stage includes punching down the protruding nails or replacing the old nails. Floor sanding Chatswood machines may get damaged by the nails. Some adhesives, tacks or staples also need to be removed, which have been used to secure coverings previously. 

  • Sanding 

It is done once the floor is prepared, free of all unwanted objects, the process of sanding begins. Old coatings are removed using coarse grit sandpapers. This should be done by wearing respirator masks for safety reasons. Generally, a sanding schedule involves trial and error, depending on the type of wood you are working on to get the desired appearance. Finer sandpaper needs to be used in the final stages of sanding.

  • Polishing 

This involves applying a chemical treatment to the floor to enhance its look and appeal. Polishing cleans and smoothens the surface, giving it a glossy or shiny look. 

Machinery Used

Modern and upgraded machinery is used for giving the best results for floor sanding. Sanders is used to smoothening uneven surfaces. There are various types of floor sanders available for different requirements. Woodworking sanders are generally powered by electricity, while some multi-purpose tools and electric drills have attachments for sanding. The different types of sander tools used are:

  • Sanding Flap Wheel
  • Disc Sander
  • Belt Sander
  • Orbital Sander
  • Drum Sander
  • Profile Sander

Find the Best Experts for Floor Sanding Chatswood? 

You should hire expert artisans for floor sanding projects as they provide premium quality floors and guarantee quality sanding services. In Chatswood, floor sanding firms are fully licensed and are insured, with years of experience in the flooring industry. The prices are competitive, and many provide their customers with package deals according to their requirements. The foremost priority of such firms is to enhance the ambience of your property without compromising your safety. skilled expert workers guarantee the satisfaction of customers. These factors make flooring companies the best ones in Chatswood, Sydney.