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Find The Best And Unique Designs For Double Monuments.

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Stone mason

Some bonds are made for a lifetime, and that means even until the death of your partner. A double monument is generally used to cremate couples, family members or people having close relationships. In this way, the resting place of both the loved ones would be placed at side-by-side graves. Multiple design styles are available to make your double monuments much more personalized to make them more unique. Listed below are a few unique design ideas that you can get for your double monuments.

Getting a Portrait Design- The portrait design is the most commonly found design for a double monument. Your monument designer should help with hand-etched or laser etched photos of your beloved half on a ceramic, porcelain, marble or granite stone to add to the visual effects to the headstone for your current and future generations to see and give prayers to their loved ones.

Getting an Individual or Couple Symbol- One can use symbols representing the couple instead of adding a photo. For instance, both of them loved to travel, or maybe their career field symbol or adding a religious sign is the different option that one can choose when getting a double monument made. Some widely used signs include- symbols of love and life, hearts, life, butterflies, flowers, animals such as cat, dog or a horse. It could also have their passion like books, guitar, balls, cooking equipment, and much more.

Adding Meaningful Inscriptions- People have now started to add beautiful quotes, phrases, dates, or something unique and memorable for the couple laid to rest. A couple of double monuments could also include their wedding dates and quotes that described their love for each other. Inscriptions can be made in different writing styles and patterns that you can easily customize. 

Mentioning the Family Relationship- One can also etch the family relations of the people laid to rest. A double monument can help state the relationship between the two lying side by side. For instance, if you are making the double monument for your parents, you can instead say, husband and wife or father and mother. Similarly, one can also add other family relationships.

Get a Custom Shaped Double Monument- A cemetery or graveyard can have grave markers of different sizes and shapes that can add to the beauty of the place. A custom upright double monument can be a great choice if you need to get a fancy and eye-catching design. Thought it should be noted that prior permission and understanding of cemetery/ graveyard rules and regulations is a must before getting a custom double monument to ensure there is no misunderstanding or heated arguments.

Planning for your double monument-

These days, many individuals plan their memorial services. This arrangement guarantees that your desires are met and reduces the cost and expectations of your loved ones. One can not necessarily plan their memorial service early but can likewise plan their own monuments. 

Here are the things you should think about when arranging your double monument- 

  • Where will you be buried? 
  • What kind of guidelines does your burial ground have for double monuments and headstones? 
  • Whose names will you include for the marker? 
  • What kind of designs do you want? Discuss pictures, memorials, and whose names will be on the tombstone. 
  • Visit a nearby monument builder for evaluating and further assistance with your designs.

Getting a single or a  double monument is the last reference to your loved ones that you can give for a long-lasting memory. Get in touch with a professional and reliable memorial builder who will help you with the best custom design and styles for your double monument at the best rates.