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Facts vs. Myths Associated with Teeth Whitening as Explained by Dentist

by | Dec 26, 2019 | Home Improvement

Many are moved by the white shinning teeth of their favourite celebrity, friend or relatives and wish to have. There are people as well who have once desired to opt for teeth treatment in order to get them. But due to several opinions and suggestion, they ultimately decided to step back.

The popularity of media and the internet has made people look out for things that were once their desire. According to a survey, people of age group ranging in between 25-45 years, particularly women, wish to go for teeth whitening in Redfern from any experienced dentist. 60% of the people wishing to go have full of doubts and dilemmas.

The following are some of the associated myths and facts as explained by a reputed dentist in Redfern

1: Tooth Whitening is not safe.


Tooth whitening is absolutely safe if done properly and by specialised hands. There are several DIY kits available in the market that claim to meet the requirement of the individual. However, the professional dentist in Redfern from one of the reputed dental centres says that one should always refrain from choosing any of the DIY kits. This is because the chemicals or the materials provided in the kit might be of inferior quality and can affect the teeth badly.

2: Professional Treatment is Expensive and Time-Consuming.


“As far as the expensive part is concerned, it is not at all costly”, says the dentist. The cost of one such treatment is easily affordable.

On the other hand, one can listen to people’s opinions regarding the treatment to be time-consuming and one has to visit the clinic regularly and sit for hours. According to the dentist, the time taken for the entire session of teeth whitening in Redfern to accomplish is completely dependent on how much stained the teeth have been.

3: Any of the teeth whitening methods would bear results


The dentist explains, “There are basically two different ways of achieving the desired result”. One is either opt for the bleaching method that would remove the enamel from the surface of the teeth or go for deep cleaning by abrasive methods. The latter method would remove all the superficial stain from the surface of the teeth and render a bright smile.

4: Natural Whitening Remedies are the Better than going for Professional Treatment.


Well, many would support it. In the world of fast communication and the internet where everything is just a click away, blogs and videos are describing the use of hydrogen peroxide to achieve teeth whitening in Redfern.

However, according to the experienced dentist in Redfern, the use of peroxide might yield you the desired result but will surely disturb the balance of good and bad bacteria present inside the mouth.

Apart from this, because of the bleaching nature, the pH of the mouth is also disturbed.


It is always advised to seek expert’s suggestions when it comes to getting teeth whitening done. It will always be helpful in the long run.