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Factors You Need to Consider Before Purchasing A Pump

by | Apr 19, 2019 | Business

A pump is a type of hydraulic machine used for increasing the total mechanical energy of the liquids. At present, the use of pumps is a necessity in the industries to move both cold and hot liquids in a compact way from one place to another. Some of the places where the pumps are usually required are industries, commercial outlets, shopping centers, etc.

The selection of pumps is mainly based on two main considerations, commercial and technical. Technical aspects of pumps are necessary for obvious reasons. And to obtain the details about the technical requirements of a pumping system, an engineer needs to complete an overall analysis of the entire system and taking care of the notes. On the other hand, the commercial considerations of selecting a pump emphasize the cost of pumps to the users, whether in money, time or the lost opportunity. These considerations are as important as the technical aspects.

  1. Process liquid properties: First and foremost thing to decide while it comes to choosing Robushi pumps Saudi is the purpose for which the pump will be used. So, it is necessary to check the process of liquid properties before making the selection of pump.
  • Temperature
  • Liquid viscosity
  • Vapor pressure
  • Specific gravity
  • Non-abrasive or abrasive
  • Concentration and solids present
  • Shear sensitive
  1. Construction materials: Check the construction materials that are compatible with the process liquid or any other liquids that come into contact. You must check the chemical compatibility charts for this purpose to identify the most appropriate construction materials for the pump.
  2. Importance of the pump for operating the plant: In case of critical applications, where downtime is not the option, heavy-duty and more expensive pumps with some special features like Robushi GCC can be used. But in case you need pumps that can be removed from the service to get the necessary maintenance, then you should opt for some less expensive options.
  3. Pump environment: In case you have a pump outside the industrial area, then you must follow the special construction or installation guidelines for freezing temperatures. In case the industrial area is hazardous and includes dust or explosive vapors, then it will need some special motor features.
  4. Conditions of pump inlet: You must not like to waste a pump away. The availability of NPSH or System Net Positive Suction Head is calculated by learning the liquid vapor pressure and pump inlet pressure. But one thing you need to ensure is that NPSHA exceeds the required NPSH.
  5. Pressure and flow rate: The total volume of the liquid and learning how much time it will need to move the fluid will decide the flow rate. The differential pressure of the pump can be calculated by learning the size of pipe, system equipment friction losses and the static lifts.
  6. Pump quality: The brand of the pump is another important thing to be considered. The motor or the engine can describe it. And you can also go through different surveys and perform necessary research from the Robushi distributors to learn about the ideal quality of a water pump.