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Factors To Keep In Mind When You Choose A Driving School

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Driving Lessons

It is quite often seen that people quickly pick a driving school based on the recommendations of friends and family, especially the ones who have recently passed a driving test. However, choosing a driving school in Narellan is not an easy task. You need to consider factors like the cost of the lesson, the time it would take for you to pass the test, and many others.

This article shall help you understand some of the crucial factors that you ought to keep in mind when choosing a driving school.

Personal Recommendation is not the only choosing criteria

It is quite obvious that you would seek recommendations from your friends when you choose a driving school in Narellan but always keep in mind that personal recommendation cannot be the only selection criteria for a driving school. The reason is every individual is different so it does not mean that just because a close friend of yours has got along well with the driving instructor, you will also have the same chemistry. Hence, it is recommended that you visit the driving school yourself and talk to the instructor and find out whether you are comfortable with him or her.

Check the Qualification of the Instructor

When you have shortlisted a few driving schools, it is best that you check out the qualifications of their driving instructors. It is essential that they have the required licenses and certifications to impart driving lessons to others. Sometimes, it may so happen that people start teaching driving because they feel they know enough without holding a proper certification. It is never a desirable situation. Hence, every time you visit a driving school in Narellan request them to show their credentials.

Type of Driving Lesson

Driving needs are different for individuals. For some, it is fine to get engaged in long-term driving courses since they want to have their basics strong. On the other hand, some of them are looking for crash courses to pass the driving tests. Such courses are known as intensive driving lessons. Depending on your requirement, find out whether the driving school provides it or not. However, a word of caution for the ones preparing for the intensive courses is that it is not a good idea if you are someone who cannot perform well under pressure.

Spend Time with your Instructor

As the saying goes, all good things in life take time. Hence, if you are keen to rush with your driving lessons, you will probably regret it during your test day. So, give it the time it deserves. Depending on your alacrity, hand-eye coordination, and the expertise of your instructor, your driving lesson can take up to 40 hours or even more. However, the rule of thumb is, it is fine to take a few extra hours to become an expert. You will never regret those extra hours once you pass through the stringent driving test with flying colours.

Last and not least, when picking a driving school in Narellan ensure that you get value for money. Just because they are some big names does not mean they will give you exceptional service. Try to get an explanation of each penny that they are charging you for the driving lesson.