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Factors To Choose The Correct Stone Benchtops In Sydney For Your Domestic And Commercial Needs

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Home Improvement, Kitchen renovations

Stone benchtops in Sydney are eternal favourites during a kitchen renovation. Their unique, artistic and spectacular designs make them so popular. One should know that they also have their uses elsewhere, such as in a bathroom, an outdoor kitchen, for reception desk at lodges and offices.  

Stone benchtops in Sydney are definitely at the higher end of the price spectrum for a benchtop need, so finding out about their expense is significant. There are mainly two types of stone benchtops available in the market. Natural stone – such as marble and graphite and Engineered stone such as Caesarstone and Silestone.

The difference between the two stone benchtops in Sydney:

  • Natural stone: Mined from a quarry and cut into slabs and polished. They provide the natural charm of stone with a rich variety of subtle colours and patterns making each slab unique.
  • Engineered stone: Made from a combination of quartz or granite mixed with polymer resin as adhesive or cement. Engineered stone can look quite similar to natural stone, but is more uniform in appearance.

What should one consider while choosing stone benchtops in Sydney?

  • Density: Natural stones are generally quite dense and heavy, so your cabinetry needs to be able to withstand its weight. 
  • Stain-resistant: Marble and Granite are both porous, hence they must be sealed to be protected from stains. Using darker and denser granites are more stain-resistant than their paler variants to conceal stains better. 
  • Scratch resistance: Both natural stone and engineered stone are scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof. Scratches on a glossy surface will be quite apparent.
  • Budget: As stones are more costly than other types of countertop materials be prepared to take the extra burden but it proves to be a great investment in the overall enhancement and value of your space where it’s placed.
  • Maintenance: Stone benchtops have minimal maintenance as it can be cleaned with a damp cloth and some cleaning liquid. Engineered stones though require much lower maintenance due to their non-porous surface. Adding sealers to the top of your stone certainly helps in the long run. 
  • Style, texture and colours: Natural stones produce a unique combination of colours and patterns you won’t find in artificially designed materials. Engineered stones can be more suitable if you are too choosy regarding the colour scheme as pigments can be added according to the customers’ needs.

How much does a stone benchtop in Sydney cost?

Various factors that can affect the pricing of your Stone Benchtops in Sydney are its thickness, colour, dimension, access to the site and location. The number of cut-outs for a sink, tap, etc will also add to the overall cost.

  • Caesarstone varies in the range of $2000- $4000 per slab.
  • Granite varies from $3000- $4000 per slab.
  • Marble ranges between $3500- $5000 per slab.

Pointers one should note before hiring a benchtop installer?

Before hiring a service provider for stone benchtops in Sydney make sure they are right for your job. Pointers like:

  • Look for a licensed company for your service.
  • Is the company providing a written quote?
  • Do they provide work examples/samples and testimonials of their work?
  • Are they insured to work in my home?
  • How long will my job take to be completed?

Getting quotes for your stone benchtop in Sydney

Most service providers provide you with quotes for your stone benchtops needs. Get quotes for the different types of materials that might be needed and ask for installation costs too as stone benchtops cost more to install than other benchtops as there is more work involved in cutting it to size. Granites costs are highest during installation due to its hard surface followed by Marble and then Engineered stones.

Hoping the above-stated factors lead you to choose the correct stone benchtop in Sydney for your domestic and commercial needs.