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Extending Support to Event Venues and Organizers Amid COVID-19

by | Apr 24, 2020 | IT & Technology

With social distancing being the primary objective of our day-to-day lives, the event industry has been hit the hardest by the pandemic. Theaters have no audiences, sports fields are empty, the Olympics are postponed, and the streets are devoid of life. As existence itself has come to a standstill, certain industries require a little help now, more than ever. The event industry requires as much support it can garner, and here are some ways in which we can extend a helping hand to keep the spirit of events alive. 

Leverage Online Events 

With top-notch mobile event apps dominating the virtual event industry today, online events have become much more seamless and efficient. Now, streaming classes, webinars, concerts, academic courses, and online workouts are commonplace occurrences in our daily lifestyles. With the bulk of our daily activities shifting to the virtual realm, the world has come closer together despite social distancing being the norm! As (almost) everything can be accomplished from our living rooms, now is the best time to shift to online event apps and support them during these tough times. 

Try to Reschedule Instead of a Refund 

Events that have been canceled due to COVID-19 have resulted in millions of prepaid tickets that are null and void. Instead of asking for a refund, try to reschedule another event as per your preference. Why should you do this? The reasoning is simple: by doing so, you will be supporting local venues and event organizers who are finding it hard to sustain their living, along with their industries at the time. This will not only be a good financial boost for them but also be a form of solace, an event for you to look forward to. 

Opt for Gift Cards and Certificates 

Most of us include concerts, classes, seminars in our day-to-day routines, and these events are an integral part of our monthly budget. If possible, that is, if you can afford it, consider spending your money normally allotted to in-person events on gift cards and certificates, which come along with their own set of perks and special offers. 

Invest in Good Merchandise 

Merch is an important part of personal style statement for people who covet them from time to time. The reason behind buying merch is to show support for a company/brand/cause, as it is something you love/stand for. If you feel like indulging in online shopping, you can skip big-box retailers and choose a merch hat, hoodie, tee, or phone cover and help local businesses with much-needed revenue, which is intrinsic for their survival at this point in time. 

Sign Up for Newsletters

Event organizers are largely dependent now on the acquisition of new customers and retention of existing ones. One of the best ways in which local artists, venues, festivals, and studios are able to do this is via newsletters. All you have to do is sign up for those which interest you the most – this helps boost their numbers, along with visibility. In turn, you will be able to remain up-to-date with the latest information about COVID-19 and what that particular venue/artist is up to during this time. 

Interact with Brand Social Content 

This is pretty simple, yet essential. Social media is a steady revenue stream for most companies and local brands. Help them stay afloat by leaving a like or posting an encouraging/positive comment below one or more of their social posts. This will allow them to create brand recall and audience retention during these trying times. 

Donate to Relief Funds, If You Can 

Undocumented workers, small businesses, startups, and employees have been hit hard by the pandemic, with ridiculous pay cuts and permanent termination of their jobs. If possible, try and help these individuals by donating to their personal crowdfunding campaigns or to relief funds that help feed the needy and the underprivileged. It is obviously important to take care of yourself first – however, if you can afford it, kindly help these individuals to allow them to stay afloat, and not be gobbled by the demon of capitalism.

In essence, stay connected with those you care about and try and support as many local businesses/independent artists as possible. Remember, these are the very people who make life easier and more bearable for you – be it in the form of essential services, good entertainment, or great art. With this, we hope that this gruesome pandemic is over soon and that we can return to normalcy as soon as the situation permits.