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Evolving HR Technology Trends In 2021

by | Oct 2, 2021 | Hr License, IT & Technology

Evolving HR Technology Trends In 2021

For people, families, and companies, the year 2021 has proved to be a powerful motivator for change. Teleworking, which was becoming more popular before the epidemic, has now become the standard. The significance of inclusion efforts has been heightened because of persistent inequity. Employee health, both physical and emotional, seems to be more critical than ever. We expect HR technology trends to assist companies in the new normal in 2021, with digital solutions for both new and chronic issues.

HR Technology Trends in 2021

Looking forward to HR technology trends in 2021, we anticipate a significant impact from the previous year and a continued shift toward digital transformation. Here are some of the most recent technological developments.

Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting

Employers are altering how they discover talent because AI-based algorithms provide a unique insight into candidates from several sources, including their social media behaviour. It also looks at the applicant’s words and facial expressions to determine whether they will be a suitable match. While this may seem frightening, it may be utilized to eliminate hiring prejudice and build a more diverse workforce.

Digital Transformation

While many businesses have already started their digital transformation journeys, adoption will pick up in 2021. That is to say, technology will be incorporated into every aspect of human resources. 

Millennials are pushing this trend once again, as they depend on automated accounting, communication, and management systems. Because of the digital revolution, self-service solutions such as automated onboarding and workflows are becoming more popular. HR teams will also be able to use data to enhance corporate culture and policies.

HR Technology Remote Work Upgrades

Work-from-home culture blossomed in 2020, and we migrated out of our workplaces and onto our sofas. Even if the epidemic is over, there are signs that the trend of remote employment will persist. 

In addition to the wide variety of remote work technologies currently available, 2021 should see further improvements. This refers to hr technology solutions that workers and companies may access from any location. Not to mention the complete digitization of the processing, scheduling, and requesting processes.

Performance and Wellness Management

Performance management will be a continuous, real-time, and integrated activity by 2021. Annual performance evaluations are rapidly becoming obsolete as companies shift to a system of regular reviews with the option of even more detailed weekly check-ins. Supervisors and workers may check-in frequently using HR tech, establishing a loop of expectation-setting and feedback. 

Employees will be more aware of their performance, and supervisors will set goals that are more precise.

Digital Learning, Training, & Development

Surprisingly, the epidemic has ushered in unparalleled possibilities for people to retrain and upskill. Hr technology companies began to provide training courses to assist workers in adjusting to an online-only work environment. They quickly discovered, however, that this method could also be used for teaching that is more conventional. Employee learning and development will become a more critical aspect of HR tech in the future.

Concisely, companies want platforms that allow them to share data and resources, automate processes, and help workers advance their careers.

Preparing your staff to update its worn old procedures will be half the fight of adopting HR technology. Begin as soon as possible so that your company can come up to speed by 2021.