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Everything You Need To Know Before Making Your Purchase Of Quality Machine Stretch Film From Your Suppliers!

by | Aug 1, 2021 | Packaging Products

Over the past few decades, there has been an increase in the number of goods transported locally or globally. Whenever goods or cargo is being transported or shipped, there might be times that the products may get damaged. To prevent these from taking place, there are several options available, and one of them is the use of stretch film. They are a simple yet effective way to transport your goods safely and securely. A machine stretch film supplier will help you find your ideal stretch film to wrap around your products to have them properly organised. Stretch films are plastic wrap that is commonly used to secure your shipping pallets and boxes. They are a must for every business that deals with the trading of goods and other supplies. Stretch films come in various grades, sizes and shades to ensure proper and safe covering of your goods.

Different types of stretch films that your machine stretch film suppliers can provide you-

Stretch films will help your products stay protected from damage, loss and tampering. Some of the most widely used stretch films are as given below-

Cast Stretch- Cast Stretch films have remarkable clearness, letting the clients see through the wraps. These films are simpler to extend and extremely sound-proof while coming off the roll. Cast Stretch offers a two-sided adhesive that is useful in safely wrapping items. Cast films are reasonable, yet they have less holding force and tear opposition when compared with the blown wraps.

Blown Stretch- Blown stretch films have the most noteworthy tear-safe and are more robust than most stretch films. This makes them the most optimal alternative when wrapping items that have more honed edges. Nonetheless, they are expensive and have very poor film clearness, implying you can’t see through them. They are additionally somewhat noisier while being removed off the roll.

Hand Stretch Roll- These stretch wraps are applied physically on the items and are hence referred to as hand stretch wrap. It is likewise alluded to as manual pallet wrap. If your business has a lower budget, using hand stretch films is the best way to protect your goods.

Machine Stretch Film- Machine stretch film makes use of a stretch wrap machine to get the stretch film applied over your goods or cargo. A machine stretch wrap prompts quicker and effective wrapping. It can get more loads in less time. They can be found in various types, such as pre-stretched films, cast machine stretch films, and blown machine films. 

Pre-Stretch Film- One needs to stretch a pre-stretch film before utilising it on items or pallets. It is a multi-facet, more slender and the strongest stretch film. They are eco-friendly stretch films as less stretch film material is consumed while wrapping your goods and pallets. A pre-stretch film is solid, steady, reliable, and requires minimum effort in application.

Colour Stretch Film- Colour stretch films are for precise necessities and which an essential stretch film can’t oblige. They are ideal for global shipments, providing your pallets and cargo with colour coding and dating the stock. Colour stretch films are also cut safe. Are you confused about the purchase of stretch films?

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How can machine stretch film suppliers help you with your shipment and transportation?

A top machine stretch film supplier will provide you only quality stretch films to ensure safe and secure transportation of your goods and cargo, be it via roadways, waterways, airways or railways.

A stretch film will provide you with the following advantages-

Proper protection of goods-  This is the essential feature and advantage of stretch film rolls. Enveloping the items by a stretch film will shield them from external factors, like dirt, dust, residue, and dampness. They assist with keeping the goods in perfect condition and dry and also clearly visible.  One can even use UVI stretch film rolls; they can even shield the goods from UV rays. 

Reduce any product damage- Stretch films permit you to wrap your goods safely and make them stable with diminished odds of items being moved to a great extent during delivery. Stretch rolls likewise help with moving the goods around with the assistance of a forklift quite quickly. 

Improved goods handling efficiencies-  When utilised alongside angled sheets, Stretch film rolls help in stacking the products higher on the pallets. This boosts the storeroom space while putting away the items. Moreover, you can wrap and move around the goods without much effort, thus improving work productivity. 

Recyclable and Decreased Pilferage  Most stretch films are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. On the off chance that you keep them clean, they can likewise be reused without any problem. Stretch rolls wrap and unitise the entire load. Hence, they make pilferage more complicated as one needs to open up the whole load initially.  The best part is that an opaque stretch wrap can even disguise the item. Utilising a clear stretch wrap makes it easier for the scanning systems to read the product correctly.

Helps with Inventory Management- Overseeing your inventors needs turns out to be simple if every one of the like items is wrapped together. This decreases the odds of misplaced items, making stock tallying an effective and efficient process that saves you time and energy.

Why get a stretch film wrapping machine? To get your stretch film right on the very first attempt, you will require a stretch wrapping machine. Wrapping the goods or pallets by hand is also an option; however, that would be tiresome for your labourers. It can also create dangers and inefficient results and speed. If you are searching for a more expert approach to bundle your items, reduce your film utilisation and get your work completed faster, begin utilising stretch film wrapping machines. They will guarantee your crates, goods and cargo are firmly wrapped together to make a more steady load.  Buying your machine from knowledgeable stretch film suppliers will help you choose the right machinery relying upon your requirements.

Some of the commonly used stretch film wrapping machines include-

Semi-automatic turntable stretch wrappers: Make efficient use of your storage or warehouse space and save money on labourers. Get the work completed with an assortment of yield levels with expert outcomes.

Fully automatic turntable stretch wrappers: These modern and high-end wrappers need the films to be changed when they get over. The machine wraps everything up by itself to give you the best results. They are pretty intuitive, innovative and proficient with wrapping.

Semi-automatic rotary arm straddles wrappers: They offer the best adaptability for the vital wrapping of your goods and pallets without any weight limitations.

Fully automatic rotary arm straddle stretch wrappers: A rotational arm moves around the item, keeping them stable. They are ideal for delicate or unsteady loads, which gives high yields and also helps reduce labour costs.

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Final Thoughts-  Stretch wraps are utilised and are highly efficient to hold stacks together on a pallet while getting your products dispatched for transportation. They come in a variety of assortment to choose from, and every onej offers an alternate application. Since you know the different types and advantages of stretch film rolls, you can settle on a brilliant decision and pick the one that best accommodates your goods and business. Choose a quality machine stretch film supplier that will provide you with the best stretch films and machinery to undertake your wrappings hassle-free.