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Everything You Need To Know About Refrigerated Air Dryer

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Business

refrigerated air dryer could help your business if it has a big building and a lot of water vapour. Since many people together can make a lot of water vapour, this could cause many problems. When water vapour builds up on windows, it can look bad. Mould can grow on windows, but over time, this could cause many expensive problems and hurt how well a window stops the cold wind from getting into a house.

In these situations, a refrigerated air dryer can help because it pulls moisture out of the air so that it does not get into the cracks in a wall or build up on a window.

What you should know about refrigerated air dryers

A refrigerated air dryer that uses refrigerant air is often used because they are easy to use does not need much maintenance, and is not too expensive. They will work well if you do not need anything special for your application, like very low dew points. After you set it up, you probably will not have to think about it again.

For the system to work, the air has to be cooled to about 3 degrees Celsius. At that point, all the vaporized water turns back into water. The liquid water can then be taken out of the system with the help of a simple water trap, and the cold air is warmed to room temperature. Most of the water has been removed from the system by condensing it, so the reheated air is much dryer than before.

The process of cooling is similar to how a refrigerator or freezer works. A separate circuit evaporates liquid refrigerant, which is then used to cool down the compressed air. The refrigerant gets warmer as the air gets cooler. The refrigerant goes into its small compressor and is cooled again in a condenser. This process repeats itself as the air compressor brings in more air.

Things to think about when buying a refrigerated air dryer 

Here are a few of the most important things to think about when looking into purchasing a refrigerant dryer:

Maximum Pressure

The dryer’s highest pressure must be the same as or higher than the compressor’s highest pressure.

Inlet Temperature

Every air dryer will have its maximum temperature for air coming in. If you go above this temperature, parts of the equipment could be hurt. Some compressors may have an after-cooler attached to the system. This ensures that the compressed air stays within a safe range of temperatures.

Maximum Flow

Most of the time, maximum flow is measured in litres per second. It means how much air can go through your dryer at once. If your refrigerated air dryer is too small, the air will have difficulty getting through it, which could cause the air pressure to drop significantly.

Maximum Room Temperature

Where will you put your dryer? It might get too hot and break if you put it in a hot room. You must ensure that your dryer’s highest possible operating temperature can handle the highest temperature in the room where it will be used.

Even though it might be seen as an extra expense and not something that should be invested in, buying a refrigerated air dryer is a good idea, especially since it can remove a lot of water vapour from the house from a small size.