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Everything You Need To Know About Core Drilling In Sydney

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Industrial Equipements, Services

Concrete core drilling is the power-driven method of drilling perfectly round-shaped holes in concrete structures, walls, and floors. Diamond drills on vertical and horizontal surfaces are excellent and reliable devices for making deep holes in rigid materials. Like the other techniques, diamond drilling does not vibrate, which ensures it can be achieved easily with less material extracted than with a regular bit. As many different types of power saws, a concrete saw generally consists of a chain, circular, or jig blade. The concrete core drilling instrument is made of steel pipe where parts of diamonds can be seen attached to its end. 

 core drilling in Sydney

Purpose of Core Drilling 

Accurate Cuts

The most common purpose for using core drilling in Sydney is to build holes for utility permeation pipes, maintenance holes, drainage lines, telephone lines or any other openings in concrete structures. In general, it is possible to alter or demolish concrete and cement. When the other concrete cutting methods are challenging to use, plumbing, electrical or other conduct may be added. If there is a need to remove a large portion of concrete, line coring is obtained to remove square-shaped concrete parts. Another benefit of using diamond core drilling equipment is that it allows accurate cuts, rendering the job dust-free.

 core drilling in SydneyHow to make core drilling exercise efficient

Avail the Project to Specialists

If you have a project that needs many concrete core drilling operations, it is best to use concrete cutter specialists to work effectively and consistently over a short period. Despite this, you will obtain an effective, quick service by requesting assistance from the concrete cutting experts, while it will take you a lot of time to do the job all by yourself. Again, to produce outstanding performance, contractors can access the latest technologies and machinery, which means accurate holes and circles. 

Often you need an 18 mm hole; you need experts with specialized skills to achieve everything, including the most demanding drilling jobs, to get these accurate measurements.

Appropriate Planning and Preparation

Any concrete core drilling operations can involve high risk. If the job is near a chemical line, electrical installation, or may include an explosive environment, safety working methods are always welcome. Sufficient planning and training are required before any drilling activity ensures secure conditions in compliance with working standards. In such situations, the contractor must remove all health and safety risks resulting from the action if the construction requires removing asbestos or other hazardous structures. 

Using protective equipment such as gloves, caps, boots, sunglasses, and long-sleeve clothing is also suitable for minimizing the risk.


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