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Enhancing The Beauty Of Your Bathroom With Semi-framed Shower Screen

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Home Improvement

Since the shower is one of the most visible things in the bathroom, you want one that is attractive and convenient to enter and exit. Installing a semi-framed shower screen allows you to get the best of all worlds. 

Semi-framed shower screens are an excellent combination of the standard framed and frameless shower screens. The semi-frameless shower screen is a classic feature that produces a sleek and spacious appearance in every bathroom. These panels, designed with flexibility in mind, will conform to several configurations, owing primarily to their components’ elegance and consistency. The frame goes across the shower screens outside edges – the top, bottom, and sides that touch the wall.

This ensures that the shower screen’s front has nice, straight lines with no frames to obstruct the vision:

1) Budget-Friendly Alternative:

semi-framed shower screen is perfect because it offers all of a frameless shower screen’s beauty without the expense. Thus, semi-frameless screens are suitable for people on a tight budget who want something classic, plain, and elegant in their bathroom.

2) Flexible in Design:

Both semi-framed shower screens are made with toughened safety glass as a legal necessity, but this does not limit your options in any way. You can also choose from a selection of glass colors achieved by tinting, frosted glass, or glass engraved to whatever pattern you choose. The frames that you see on these screens come in various colors, allowing you to conveniently color sync with the rest of your bathroom.

Another beneficial design aspect is the ability to customize the door itself to unlock in various ways. That means you can open it to the left or right, pivot it on its hinge, or even provide a sliding door if space is limited. You may also use a magnetic closure for a more stable closure and better water resistance. Finally, you can choose from several door handles and other fixings to satisfy your needs.

3) Aesthetics:

semi-framed shower screens provide a sleek and one-of-a-kind compartmentalized space in the bathroom that is entirely dedicated to taking a relaxing shower. Therefore, these fixtures have the most aesthetically pleasing look to a bathroom that anybody can appreciate.

4) Easy to Clean:

Another essential advantage of semi-framed shower screens is their ease of cleaning. There are fewer opportunities for soap scum and other grime to get stuck since the framing is just along the screen’s outer edges. Cleaning gets much faster and smoother with less scrubbing and attempting to reach through small nooks and crannies.

Semi-framed shower screens have many benefits. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Suppose you want to read more about which shower screen is right for you. Semi-framed shower screens have a sleek shower screen between a conventional framed screen and a modern, fully frameless style. If you want the best of all worlds, try using a semi-frameless shower screen to replace your shower screen or add a new shower.