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Enhance a Live Performance – Choose the Right Sound Engineer

by | May 27, 2019 | Education

Behind every successful live show is an adept sound engineer who ensures that he works in tandem with the performer/performers to create and maintain an ambience engaging enough to keep the live audience hooked to the performance. How many live shows have you attended till date? If you think that it was only the performers that kept you enraptured throughout the concerts, then think again! Do let us tell you that the sound engineer does have a crucial role to play when it comes to engaging a live audience. The performers alone (no matter how popular they are) will not be able to pull off successful shows without due support from sound engineers.

How do you Select Sound Engineers for Live Shows?

Not every sound engineer out there can actually pull off live shows as well. This is something which you need to keep in view – if you’re in the process of selecting a sound engineer for your live show. The best bet would be to rope in professionals who have completed live sound engineering courses. Here is a look at all the qualities that you must consider while you’re in the process of selecting a sound engineer for your live concert.

Professionals with Relevant Training

We have already told you that you should ideally select a professional with due live sound training. Besides training, do make sure that you’re checking the experience of the professional as well. While there are beginners with due exposure to the sound engineering courses in India, there are others who command substantial experience of handling live shows – besides – of course, their training as well.

Please remember that like in any other industry; you will have to pay more for “experience”. So, yes – a lot depends on your budget as well. Even if you are only considering the initial training of the professional and not the experience, then make sure you’re finding out which institute the professional has passed out from. There is, of course, no dearth of institutes providing sound engineering courses in Mumbai. However, the quality of training definitely differs from institute to institute. You would definitely want to zero in on professionals who have procured their certificates from the top-rated institutes.

Why should you invest time in research?

Doing all this might as well take up substantial time – but do remember that it’s all worth it! Make sure that the sound engineer that you are getting on board for your live show actually demonstrates other qualities such as:

  • The humility and keenness to explore new avenues of learning regardless of how experienced he is
  • Unassailable dedication to his craft (not only him but his entire team)
  • A true team player who can successfully collaborate with other musicians, take directions and give directions as well
  • Has the ability to think and act quickly if the situation demands so (live shows are known for their unpredictability)

The best sound engineering and music production courses are geared towards making complete “sound engineers” out of aspirants. Make sure you’re making your choice wisely.