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Engineered Timber Flooring And Its Benefits

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Flooring, Home Improvement

Engineered timber flooring is one of the common and most popular types of timber flooring in Camden. It consists of three to twelve layers of plywood. The plywoods are arranged in different directions and joined with the help of glue. After fixing they are pressed against each layer. The tongue and groove method is followed to form this engineered timber flooring. The core layers of the engineered timber floors are made up of soft and hard plywoods. All types of wood species can be engineered to make them perfect for hardwood flooring. Engineered timber floors are cost-effective and can be quickly installed when compared with other types of flooring. In this article, some of the benefits of engineered timber flooring are listed below.

Benefits of Engineered timber flooring in Camden:

  • The size of the engineered timber words are larger than other solid wood type and they are available in different width which is not possible in other types of solid wood. 
  • While installing normal wood planks they need subfloors as the base for nailing, joining and other activities but engineered timber flooring does not require base material and can be straightly installed. 
  • Installing solid wood flooring is not possible in a concrete base to overcome this problem engineered timber flooring is made and they can be installed even in the concrete base. 
  • Engineered timber floors are available in different designs and finish. By using engineered timber flooring in Camden, you can match the floor with the interior design and colour of the house. 
  • The main disadvantage of solid wood is the formation of the gap. Engineered timber floors do not have this problem. 

The thickness of the wear layer must be decided based on the place of application. If you are going to use the engineered timber floor in the heavy traffic area like shopping complex and other public places then you need a timber wear layer with more thickness while if you are installing it in the house then thin wear layer will be sufficient. If you install a thin wear layer for heavy traffic area then it must be properly maintained only then the life period of the wood can be increased. 

If you want to save forest then engineered timber floor will help you to do it at the same time it will improve the aesthetic look of your house. The size of the normal solid wood increase four times when they are translated into engineered timber flooring. 

The price of the engineered timber floor depends on various factors like the size of the timber layer, type of finish and the thickness of the wear layer. Engineered timber flooring with thick wear layer can be refurnished or sanded to make it look new and bright. Select the best quality engineered timber floor for proper functioning. Before purchasing engineered timber floor know some basic data about the quality and type. Do thorough research about the manufacturer, cost and other properties.