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Reasons Why You Should Source Engineered Oak Flooring Sydney Retailers Have To Offer

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Home Improvement

Engineered flooring curated off of oak is a pleasant and attention-catching flooring option that is well-sought after due to its versatile nature and alluring appearance. These are a popular alternative to solid oak flooring and are favoured among contractors and designers due to their ability to replicate the solid wood in its appearance and its added features absent in the real thing. Solid oak floors are made out of oak with no other inclusions or additives; here, wood from the oak tree is lumbered to be graded, then cut into flooring planks. Oak as a material is relatively robust and hard-wearing; they are also available in plenty and are inexpensive, which further adds to its appeal. Now, the engineered oak flooring Sydney retailers present is made out of layers of ply. This play is bonded to create a solid and stable vore board, which is then topped off with the standard solid oak and the finished product. This design makes engineered oak more stable while not taking away from its look. 

Solid oak is a block of entirely natural wood, thus making it susceptible to expanding and contracting due to temperature fluctuations or upon contacting moisture. While this is natural, it also makes them unsuitable for use in kitchens or bathrooms in one’s home. In contrast, when it comes to engineered oak remain unaffected by such fluctuations or contact. 

Given Below Are Specific Other Reasons Why Choosing Engineered Oak Flooring Is The Right Choice. 

  1. These are similar to the real thing in all the prominent regards. The soil oak top layers that these are equipped with allow them to look exactly like them while exhibiting additional enhancing properties, without the limitations of real oak floors. 
  2. One can choose to have these fitted in any room in their home; this is not always feasible with solid oak. As mentioned earlier, solid oak is a big no-no when it comes to bathroom or kitchen applications. Wherewith engineered oak in place; you can get rid of such temperature or moisture-induced troubles. 
  3. While solid oak is typically considered unfit for installation over underfloor heating, this is not the case for engineered flooring solutions. 
  4. These share the feature of wooden flooring that allows it to be resanded and refinished multiple times over the time these are installed for its lifetime. This simple effort can grant it a promising new look without incurring the need to install new flooring. As a result, minimising maintenance effort on your part, not to mention the reduced spending propensity. These are also ideal if your floors are susceptible to experiencing heavy traffic in the form of multiple and frequent footfalls. 
  5. The choice that oak offers is abundant; these can vary according to colours and grades, ranging from dark to light. These gradient varieties help supply a different look to homes based on the oak type you choose; they can deliver a diverse spectrum of looks that can go from clean classic to dark rustic based on the interior design of the home and your style preferences.

The pointers mentioned above allude to the value that engineered oak flooring Sydney designers present offers to your home, along with the multiple reasons one should look upon them favourably.