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Encaustic Style Tiles Are Best For Architects And Interior Designers

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Travel

Since we have so much expertise, we are known throughout Australia for our outstanding ceramic tile services. It’s no secret that ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for building owners and inhabitants in Sydney and surrounding regions. For architects and interior designers in Australia, our organization is a prominent source of technical advice and architectural samples. 

  • Elegant appearance:

As well as working directly with our clients, we also work closely with the project’s builders and managers. An elegant and prestigious appearance is provided by our subway tile installation services. For a more refined appearance, subway bathroom tiles are an excellent option. Use herringbone subway tile on your walls to make it a show-stopper. 

  • Fast and easy installation:

Using subway tiles as a backsplash is a fast and easy method to add visual appeal. Tiles are an essential part of any bathroom remodel or interior design project. With our encaustic style tiles, you can make your bathrooms seem larger and more spacious. Using wall tiles, you may set the stage for the rest of your decor by establishing a focal point or theme. Bathrooms may benefit greatly from using white subway tiles.

Tiles for the Kitchen:

You never know what you’ll find in your kitchen since it is usually crammed. With our kitchen tiles, you can create a feeling of unity in the kitchen, generating an impression of cleanliness and subtle beauty. It is important to us that our kitchen tiles be simple to clean. We choose ceramic tiles since they’re durable and won’t fade. A variety of shapes and sizes may be found in our herringbone subway tile options.

  • Eye-catching designs:

Your kitchen, bathroom, or any other wall will look better with a herringbone tile backsplash. Patterns made from Herringbone tiles and black grout are now quite popular because they create diagonally linear patterns that stand out and draw attention to their distinctive, wavy lines. Additionally, the use of herringbone subway tile results in an eye-catching floor design that opens up a room.

Expert team:

Your tasks will be handled by a team of experts with years of expertise. There is a wealth of product expertise, technical information, color consulting, layout, and fixing advice available from the members of the encaustic style tiles team. 

Engineering expertise:

For the climate, application, and other factors, our encaustic style tiles are created by professionals. Kitchen, facades bathroom, and laundry facilities as well as restaurants and bars are just a few examples of the kind of projects for which we create the tiles. Your ideal home will be the talk of the town thanks to the beautiful hues, matt or glossy finish, or rough surface tiles you choose to complement your interior design.

  • Uniqueness:

With a wide range of sizes and shapes to choose from, we can build any design you can imagine. The conventional forms are always available, but we can also customize the sizes of our tiles to meet the needs of our clients. With our herringbone subway tile’s incredible selection, you can get the look you want.