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Effective Garden Maintenance for Epping Locals

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Removalists

To plant a garden is to dig a hole and then fill it with more dirt. But gardening is not all about digging holes. It’s also about trimming, watering, fertilizing, and harvesting effectively so your garden in Epping stays lush.

The sign of a good gardener is having a routine. This routine includes planting in the spring, fertilizing once a month, weeding occasionally, and harvesting in the fall. But it is often common among gardeners to forget to water or some other nitty-gritty steps like de-weeding or fertilizing in routine.

Gardeners, after all just like the rest of us, have a limited capacity for memory. 

Gardeners also have a finite attention span and intellect as all humans with quirks and pet peeves of their own. But to be a good gardener it is important to keep your tools in an orderly way so you can have them handy for routine garden maintenance. 

But why is garden maintenance in Epping so important? Well, the obvious answer is, gardens like any other area of your home or your own body needs care and upkeep to stay healthy and thriving. If you don’t maintain your garden, weeds will take over. If you keep on cutting, you’ll eventually kill your roses. If you never add fertilizer, your flowers will be brown and wilted. If you don’t water it, the grass will be brown and dry. Even the neatest garden in the world is a disaster without maintenance. That means you have to keep weeding, watering, and dealing with pests and diseases.

Maintaining your garden means doing things at the right time. Good gardeners know when to add fertilizer, and when to prune. They know what plants need and when.

Plant Health Check As Part of Garden Maintenance:

Timing is everything when it comes to performing health checks on your plants too. For effective garden maintenance, you need to ensure that your plants stay disease-free and free of pests as well. There are a lot of harmful bugs that could destroy your bugs like gnats, whiteflies and aphids so proper examination is needed so that they can be exterminated with the correct methods and kind of pesticides. Epping has a lot of nurseries and a fair share of plant enthusiast shops so you can get advice from them as well. 

Methods of Weeding As Part of Garden Maintenance:

Most people get annoyed when they find weeds, but weeds are a sign that things are going right and your soil is fertile enough to attract their growth. If your lawn and garden in Epping were to stay beautiful effortlessly, weeds wouldn’t be a problem. But overpopulation of weeds can be quite detrimental for the health of your plants as their roots can choke the healthy plant roots, creating sheltering space for more pests and even being a cluttered irritant. So your first job is to de-weed so your garden can not only look great but also be healthy.

The fastest and easiest way to get rid of weed is with a hoe. A hoe is a cheap, useful tool that can last a lifetime. A hoe will remove weeds at about the same speed as a weeder, but weeds are a lot cheaper to replace. The hoe is especially useful in places a weeder can’t reach.

If you don’t have a hoe, a weeder is the next best thing, as long as you don’t mind spending some money.

Weeders come in a few forms. The simplest is a hoe with a handle attached. The blade of the hoe peels up the soil, and the handle pulls it out. If you have an old hoe, you can retrofit a handle. Just cut a piece from a garden hose, remove the old handle, and slip it on.

Weeders with wheels sometimes called “weed whackers,” are slower but easier to handle.

The hoe or weeder works best in sunny spots. In shady spots, a trowel is easier to use than a hoe or weeder, but try to leave the weeds where it is light rather than digging them up.

If you follow these basic methods you can easily keep your plants healthy, free of pests, weed-free through routine garden maintenance, so your lawn in Epping can look beautiful.