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Dressing Your Windows – Why Aluminium Shutters Cronulla Are The Best Option

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Home Improvement

Summary – Blinds or shutters? Aluminium shutters or PVC shutters? Homeowners can feel confused with these options. Here’s why home décor experts recommend getting aluminium shutters Cronulla.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays, privacy concerns, and aesthetic goals – there are many reasons why homeowners want to dress their windows with stylish shutters, blinds, curtains, etc. However, the market for these different types of window coverings is currently booming. Most homeowners (who already don’t have one of these window coverings installed) are torn between these options. Blinds or shutters? Aluminium shutters or PVC shutters? There are too many fabric and design options to consider for homeowners. Here’s why home decor experts recommend aluminium shutters Cronulla to both residential and commercial property owners –

What are Shutters, and Why are they Better than Blinds? 

Blinds and shutters may address similar problems, but they’re vastly different in the way they’re designed. Unlike blinds, shutters are permanently fitted to windows. Since blinds are only attached to the insides of the window recesses, they’re not perceived to be as sturdy as shutters that come attached to window frames.

  • High-quality aluminium shutters Cronulla can add a lot of value to any home.
  • They’re durable and can easily last for twenty to thirty years without experiencing considerable damage.
  • Since there are no cords, springs, chains, etc., involved in the design of shutters, they’re very easy to use. They’re safe to use for children as well. The number of accidents involving residential shutters and children in the past decade is close to zero.
  • Not only do the attractive and shiny exteriors of these shutters suit any home style, but they also act as excellent insulators that offer homeowners the chance to control the amount of light that enters their properties properly. These shutters are also ideal for boosting in-house ventilation.
  • High-quality aluminium shutters Cronulla in particular, are very low maintenance and extremely hard-wearing. Unlike materials like wood, PVC, or faux wood, aluminium shutters comfortably tackle all types of external pollutants with utmost resistance for very long periods.

Just because shutters are more expensive upfront than blinds and are harder to install, many homeowners steer away from them. But, blinds, despite being a widely used window covering solution, have various faults of their own. They’re significantly less robust than shutters, require regular maintenance and cleaning, and have much shorter lifespans.

Most fabrics that blinds are made of ultimately get damaged from long periods of exposure to UV rays and moisture. That’s why investing in aluminium shutters Cronulla that don’t need to get replaced as frequently as blinds are viewed as a better purchase by smart homeowners.

Why Aluminium Shutters?

The type of window covering you pick will obviously be shaped by your personal preferences. But, the reasons why home décor experts recommend opting for aluminium shutters Cronulla (and not shutters made of wood or Polyvinyl Chloride) include –

  • Stability – Aluminium is considerably more durable than wood and stronger than PVC. The in-built strength of Aluminium as a material enables the makers of aluminium shutters Cronulla to create refined panels with bulkier designs.
  • Longevity – Unlike wood and PVC, prolonged exposure to UV rays doesn’t degrade the quality of aluminium shutters. Aluminium shutters can perform for thirty to forty years with ease as they’re highly resistant to corrosion, moisture, and temperature changes.
  • Additional Coatings – With PVC and wooden shutters, homeowners don’t get any structural warranties. Aluminium shutters with thick protective finishes and coatings don’t suffer from issues like peeling or delamination.

The overall quality and thermal efficiency of aluminium shutters are much better than blinds made of cloth fabrics or shutters made of wood or PVC.