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Do You Really Require A Replacement of Garage Door Opener?

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Business, garage doors

Garage door openers work on simple mechanisms and usually tend to last long. According to many surveys, it is seen that the lifespan is approximately 7 to 10 years, but if you keep it in regular maintenance the lifespan can be increased up to 12-13 years.

Many times with daily usage, things tend to work inappropriately and don’t even get a fix with the repair; thus, in such situations, replacement of garage door openers is required.

Some signs that help you to decide if you need a garage door opener replacement or not:

Auto Reverse: Garage door openers are usually equipped with safety features; one among them is auto-reverse. In this, there are two high sensitivity sensors attached on both sides of the door.

If any child, pet or things pass through the sensors while the door is closing, then the garage doors will stop immediately and will reverse their direction.

If your garage door opener doesn’t have this feature, then it is highly recommended to have it installed for safety purposes.

No sound Work: If your garage opener makes a heck of a noise and usually wakes your neighbourhood up then you surely need a replacement for it.

If an earlier model is seen, then it can be easily noticed that garage openers work similarly to a bicycle chain and with time it tends to make noise because of rust and less maintenance.

Thus it’s always better to get the latest models of garage openers which includes belt drives or low noise chain openers.

High-Security Better Security: The older version of door openers usually are easy to crack open by thieves as the hacking of security codes is very easy and familiar these days.

Thus with the latest generation of replacement garage door opener every time you use the unit, it changes the code and makes it difficult for others to guess and get in.

Battery Backup Facility: It is seen that the electric garage usually stops working if there is no electricity supply.

Thus it is essential to have a battery backup garage opener so that you never run out of electric supply when you need it the most.

Wireless Smart Features: A garage door opener with all the smart wireless features is a blessing. One can easily use it from anywhere and everywhere.

In old garage models, these features are lacking, but in the latest model garage, openers’ smart features come as an additional benefit such as wife and cellular easy connection and many more.

Thus it’s always better to keep oneself updated with technology and replace your garage opener with the new one.

Thus if your garage opener is old enough or lacks its functioning even after several repairs, then it’s high time to get it replaced by a new and better one.

Remember with regular maintenance checks, and proper handling one can quickly increase the life expectancy of any garage opener up to 12 to 15 years.