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Do you have bathroom lighting plan? Read these points to avoid some of the common mistakes!

by | Nov 10, 2019 | Bathroom renovations

Do you have bathroom lighting plan? Read these points to avoid some of the common mistakes!

Though, it can be difficult to actually illuminate a bathroom. The positioning of sconces, overhead lighting and even light switches could make small rooms and tight spaces difficult. The bathroom does not require different kinds of lighting to accommodate a range of tasks says Bathroom Renovations In Baulkham Hills technicians.

Feel overwhelmed? Do not worry — bathroom renovations can help! These major lighting errors must be avoided while renovating a bathroom.

Common Mistakes while renovating the Bathroom are:

Mistake 1- Not Enough Light: 

A single, overhead light or a single sconce above the mirror is easy to think that lighting is enough in a small bathroom. But a single luminous system is often inadequate, even when the room is small.

How to avoid this mistake?

 According to bathroom renovations in Baulkham Hills, the use of multiple lights to create a well lit and balanced space is required for layered illumination. Please use ambient lighting for general lighting; task lighting for specific areas (e.g. sconces mounted on both sides of the mirror above the sink); and emphasis for interest areas (e.g., the cool mosaic tile in your bathroom).

Also, bathroom renovations in Baulkham Hills suggest making sure that any mounting is listed in a shower. However, be aware that this device can not be rated for a steam shower. If you have a steam shower, be sure to find plugins for this software that are explicitly recommended.

In addition to brightness and wattage information, the colour temperature and a CRI (the colour rendering index) are also noted by LED bulbs and fixtures manufacturers.

The Kelvin (K) colour temperature is used to describe the white light colour provided by a light bulb or lighthouse. The lower the light source colour temperature, the hotter (redder) the light colour is. The higher the light source’s colour temperature, the cooler (blue), the lighter.

Mistake 2- Overlooking Color Temperature and CRI:

Included in the colour temperature and CRI (Color Rendering Index), are LED, bulb manufacturers and equipment manufacturers.

In contrast with a full spectrum source of the same colour temperatures, CRI shows that a light source can make colours true to life. Were you ever in a room with older fluorescent lighting and felt like it was all sick or wrong? A low-CRI (like the old fluorescent ones) light source doesn’t precisely render colours, dull colours or tint colour strangely in the room says technicians from bathroom renovations Baulkham Hills

To avoid this error, bathroom renovations Baulkham Hills suggests that you need to get to know how light appears at different colour temperatures. Although your colour preferences are very personal, many choose light for their homes in the range 2700K-3000 K because the light colour is comfortable and familiar.

Mistake 3- Dimmable lighting:

Dimmable devices in flexible spaces are invaluable, and often bathrooms are just that. Although the vanity light is ideal in the morning for primping and shaving, in the middle of the night a luminous bathroom can disrupt circadian cycles. 

To avoid this error bathroom renovations Baulkham Hills advises to consider seriously the illumination of your bathroom. Bonus: energy saving and an overall atmosphere.

you can also hire bathroom renovators in your area to avoid these mistakes and get your work done from professionals.