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Different Types of Stone Benchtops

by | Feb 9, 2020 | Construction

Even if the living room is considered to be a gathering place for the family, the kitchen is the subject of conversations. You will get in the kitchen after such a busy day, pour a drink or a fast snack, and sit in the kitchen seat without the hatch of shifting or switching into a TV. The kitchen is thus the heart of your house and draws more interest than its due share.

Although the kitchen is by far the most valuable place in your house, more than a toilet is preferably misused. There are stains from juice drops, and also fractures of falling debris or hot spots, that are among the threats to a remodelled kitchen. You will need a benchtop that’s robust, easy to clean, and appealing to your eyes to overcome the attack that falls victim to your kitchen. Some kitchen stone benchtops can be an ideal choice. They are generally accessible and in many varieties here are some of them.

  1. Granite 

Granite stone attracts different budgets. You can be quite expensive, regardless of the quality that you can choose. But you still have the choice to buy high-quality, but pocket-friendly products. The Kitchen stone benchtops are light and are attractive to the eye. Whether you are bringing in a hot pot or chopping vegetables, the discomfort will still be felt. Besides, benchtops are easy to clean. When you spill anything on them, using a wet towel, you can probably wipe it off, and detergent is not needed.


Because of this fact, granite stone benchtops are commonly preferred in the kitchen. They come in different forms. The biggest drawback though is sealing. It may not be a serious challenge, however, because sealing may only be done after several years. By that time, you will be already be thinking of how to remodel your kitchen

  1. Limestone Benchtop

Limestone is resistant to heat and a soft stone benchtop. The limestone benchtop can be purchased at a relatively low price. It’s beautiful to the eye though that’s not a worthwhile investment. The fragile nature had marred the elegance. You will spend most of your time dealing with spills and stains. Limestone is susceptible to cuts and bruises as opposed to other kitchen stone benchtops. Therefore before selecting limestone benchtop, you should give it a more in-depth taught

  1. Marble Benchtop

There is no marble slab like any other. Those who choose beauty over usability usually offer the marble benchtops. But this is not the best stone kitchen benchtops amongst others. This is because they are porous and are sensitive to foods and acids such as vinegar and turmeric. With time, the kitchen benchtops will start to lose their original colour, and that will require polishing, which may be expensive.

Last but not least, now that you have learned the different types of kitchen stone benchtops, it is up to you to make the right decision that will guarantee you excellent and long-lasting kitchen benchtop.