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Different Computerized Techniques Followed by Oil Drilling Companies

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Education

These days, oil drilling companies are using coiled tubing technologies. The teachers in IADC certification programs teach these as well. These are pretty advanced when you compare them to the ones that companies use conventionally in this particular domain. In these cases, companies use coiled pipe strings, which are long and flexible, rather than the drill pipes that are rigid and jointed. It is the latter that companies use conventionally in the industry that we are talking about over here. With this particular new method, you can bring down the time taken to drill as well as the costs for the same. Another method that we should mention over here is that of fracturing.

Teachers at the IADC training classes teach this method, as well. In this particular method, the drillers create small fractures or fissures. They do so in the underground rock structure. This allows the natural gas to flow to the wellbore and from there to the surface. In fracturing the drillers pump in the sand, water, and additives in small amounts. The pressure applied in these cases is really high. This gets done in the wellbore so that they can create a fissure. These days, oil exploration companies are also using some new techniques. These help them to not have to poison the groundwater reserves at a particular location as such.

These methods of fracturing are environment-friendly and you can learn them at the IADC rig pass training as well.  These companies are investing millions of dollars in an effort to come up with techniques that are safer and better. All this money is being spent on various development and research-based activities. Apart from that, they have also set up certain guidelines that are to be followed by the people working in such companies as well as the vendors. These rules are regarding using safe chemicals at the time of fracturing.

A basic introduction to oil production

The process of producing oil is a detailed one and has to be done with the utmost amount of care as you would be taught at an IADC certification class. There are various steps that have to be followed in this particular regard. It is also one process that needs plenty of money as well as manpower. Along with the main company doing the work other smaller entities such as agents and subcontractors also play a major role in this regard as well.

Why should you be careful?

You need to be very careful in this particular process.

As any IADC training program would teach you that in such a process everyone has to be as cautious as possible till the time the liquid starts to flow into the holding tanks. People connected with such projects need to make sure that all the steps are executed the right way. As far as conventional drilling methods are concerned the commonest among them is the rotary drilling method. Apart from these, companies are also using advanced technology such as 3D (three dimensional) and 4D (four-dimensional) seismic imaging. This is done in order to identify natural gas and oil prospects in the right way.