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Difference Between Wall Stickers And Wall Decals

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Business

Wall stickers have been in the trend for quite some time. Wall decals, on the other hand, are often confused with wall stickers and not many know the actual differences between them. Wall stickers come in different types such as nursery wall stickers, inspirational quotes, religious stickers, etc. whereas wall decals have certain letters or patterns or thin lines on them. 

Stickers are adhesive products where the backing paper can be peeled off and then it can be stuck on any place we want. The adhesive layer is put on the paper backing and the design is printed on the front. The adhesive layer can be made of materials such as paper, aluminum, or vinyl. Wall decals are transferred from one to the other. There are three parts in wall decals: Backing paper, actual sticker, and a transfer surface. Wall decals have separate parts in their patterns but when sticking, they serve the same purpose as they were designed to. Decals are mostly made of PVC-vinyl.

 Wall stickers are mainly used as logos and illustrations. For example, nursery wall stickers have fruits or vehicles to help kids learn. On the other hand, wall decals are used to decorate or advertise on windows, walls, floors, etc. 


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Additionally, there are also differences in sizes. You can easily tell the difference between stickers and decals by their size. Wall stickers are small and can be applied on smaller products like bags, laptops, etc. Wall decals are much larger and are usually applied on walls, vehicles, etc. Talking about quantity, stickers are often ordered in a bulk quantity whereas the quantity of wall decals is very less. 

Stickers are used for smaller formats. They are applied on smoother surfaces so they can be removed easily. Good quality stickers are easy to remove and serve a temporary purpose. They are easy to stick and can be applied anywhere you want. Wall decals can be applied on walls, windows, vehicles, etc. as was stated above but there are various sorts of wall decals. A wall decal that is applied on the wall is different from the one that can be applied on vehicles. If you need a wall decal for outdoor purposes, do look for permanent wall decals.

Wall stickers are the easiest to install and stick, therefore, they can be removed easily as well. Wall stickers do not have a large lifespan and serve a temporary use. They might start to wear off sooner than you would expect them to. Wall decals, on the other hand, are more of a permanent solution. They can serve you for a long time and can easily last for over a year.