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Difference Between Modern & Contemporary Lighting Design And Where They Overlap

by | Feb 2, 2021 | architecture, Arts, Business, lighting, Services

Modern and contemporary these two words are thoroughly related to the design and creative elements. Though they appear to be the same their connotation is quite different when it comes to decor. Modern and contemporary are perceived as two different styles of interior lighting design. The approach of both styles is unique and distinctive. 

Let us see in this article the difference between modern & contemporary lighting design and where they overlap

What is modern lighting design? 

Modern lighting design is the incarnation of modernism and complex concepts. It is a simplified way of executing a modern concept with panache and exquisiteness. Modern light designs incorporate several elements that blend and weave a compelling story about space. It uses the alchemy of different light designs and styles to craft a cohesive space that speaks volumes about your style quotient. The ultimate focus of modern lighting and design is on the color combination, styles, textures, and feel of the ambiance. It aims at creating truly unbelievable décor and out of the box. Interior lighting design using a modern approach is exuberant and redefining.

What are the Characteristics of Modern Lighting? 

Here are some characteristics of modern lighting:

  1. Solid colors: Interior lighting design in India often uses modern lighting style and fuses solid colors to paint a wonderful palette. Solid colors are an integral part of modern lighting. They give the character and feel to modern lighting.
  2. Neutral Colors: Modern lighting strikes the perfect balance of colors. It does not go overboard or limits creativity. Modern interior lighting is all about staying grounded and achieving a meticulous look with the right blend of lights. 
  3. Symmetry: Modern lighting involves a lot of symmetric elements by placing lights and décor elements in a definite pattern. The intentional symmetry of lights elevates the appearance of a space and gives it a cohesive and state of the art feel.
  4. Angled Assemblage:  Creating the right symphony of lights and colors is the crust of modern interior lighting and angled assemblage plays a prominent role in setting the right opus. 
  5. Conceptual: Modern interior lighting design is based on a concept or theme. They are chosen based on their unique characteristics and their role in the interior. 

What is Contemporary lighting design? 

Contemporary in unconventional. It is indefinite and all about letting your imaginations flow. Contemporary lighting design is humungous. It involves lots of elements and styles to craft a wonderful and explicit interior. The motive of contemporary lighting interior design is to transform a space into a masterpiece. It aims at creating edge apart appealing spaces. The focus of contemporary interior lighting design is one pulling the trending modern styles together.

What are the Characteristics of Contemporary Lighting?


  • Shapes and patterns: Contemporary lighting designs incorporate abstract shapes and patterns to give the décor a different and edge apart look.
  • Elements: Contemporary lighting involves a different mix of glass and metal elements to create a designer world.
  • Trends: contemporary interior styles stay in tandem with the latest trends and styles and combine them meticulously in the interiors.
  • Dynamic Design: contemporary light designs use dynamic designs and lighting elements in unique forms and styles.


Similarities between modern & contemporary lighting


  • Style
  • Approach
  • Lighting elements
  • Overlapping concepts
  • Fresh look


To sum up, modern and contemporary lighting are two different styles of lighting. However, they do overlap in lots of areas such as designing, the inclusion of colors, lighting forms, styles, etc. Creating the perfect harmony with the right blend of minimalistic designs, clear lines, open spaces, an assemblage of different materials can be very impressive and cutting-edge. After all, Interior designing is all about communicating through spaces and décor.