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Difference between Coworking Space And Dedicated Space

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Business

Whenever there is a business idea that has plans to be brought to reality, one of the first things that are in the plan is arranging for office space. That is where the operations would be handled while making a complete sense out of business.

For some, buying or renting an office is an absolute necessity when there is the need for privacy, storage of important documents, usage of multiple electronic equipments etc. For the rest, a co-working space can be sufficient where most of their work is paperless, and the virtual world is all they have. This is a concept where coworking office spaces in Mumbai are opted for on rent where several other people are belonging to other businesses are working in the same room.

Coming to the difference between both the concepts of offices, here is what can help you understand the concepts well.

Administrative expenditure

When it is coworking office spaces in Mumbai, the administrative costs are lesser as one has to pay only for the rent of the office space that they have hired. It could be just a single chair and a table along with the basics as that of lights and a fan. It depends on the business owners to also decide on the days that they want to use the office space. The rent is accordingly paid depending on the usage.

On the other hand, dedicated office space is something that is there permanently. Whether employees are present to the office or not, it is still functional. The rent has to be paid at the end of each month as well as for the electricity and other resources.

Ease of work

While both of these types of office structure has ease of work which varies with the work type. If it concerns one or two employees working for the business, coworking office spaces in Mumbai is a great place to work. Since there are several others in the same room probably having similar work to do, they aren’t alone. They have their laptops with them work as long as they want and leave the coworking places in Mumbai for the next set of people to come and work. For those working at a dedicated workspace, they too have the ease of work where there is the privacy of work, and confidential business information is kept safe. Office appliances are at hand, and there is no time limit to work as there is no one coming to occupy the space after a specific time.

Benefits to a new business

If you have a new business with not much capital to invest, a co-working space gets to be the perfect option to start work from. Since it only involves paying the rent every time you use the workspace, it gets to be a great money-saving option. Moreover, coworking places in Mumbai are in demand in the present times, and thus there are more and more options to choose from. With a dedicated office space, the first set of effort goes into finding the right one. With such an office, there are multiple expenditures involved and paying for such a lot of things during a startup would allow the capital to diminish.