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The Definitive Guide To Name A Technology/Fashion/Travel Blog

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Digital Marketing

Colloquial such as “Content is King” and “Data is the new Oil” are quite common. The boom of the Internet has led to the rise of “content” and “data”. Everything a man can think about is now just a click away.

What may have started as an online personal diary for some, has become a source of income and livelihood for many today. The fads of content marketing and blog posts have turned into a million-dollar industry now. So, what is it that you can do to join the bandwagon?


How To Start A Blog? 

In these highly competitive times, starting a successful blog requires more than just a vivid imagination and a refined ability to articulate thoughts into words. To start a blog, you need to do some real homework starting with picking the right name. 

Fortunately, a blog name generator such as Namify can help you in getting the right name for your blog. All you have to do is put in the relevant keywords and pick a fantastic name from the long list of meaningful and brandable names that Namify spins along with available domain name suggestions and logo options to get started right away.

Once you have the name, you can start building your blog.

  1. Begin by searching for your niche. Just because your cousin is running a highly successful travel blog, doesn’t mean you have to blindly board that plane. Choose a niche that you’re an expert in.
  2. Pick the right web host or blogging platform which suits your blogging needs on content, features, aesthetics, and reader engagement.
  3. Select your domain name. It’s your identity on the web, the first point of contact readers will have with your blog. So, ensure to choose your domain name wisely. Here you can consider new domain extensions such as .TECH, .SPACE, .PRESS, .SITE, .ONLINE to get a more meaningful and credible online presence.
  4. Design your blog and attribute a theme to it. Colors, templates, and layouts pertaining to your theme are important to give a feel-good factor to your readers.
  5. Invoke your creativity and start writing. Your language and tonality should be in a strict view of your target audience.
  6. Blogs don’t gain readers overnight. Develop a strategy to promote your blog on various social media platforms, get feedback from viewers, and inculcate the suggestions.
  7. Keep abreast of the competition and know what the recent trends in your blogging field are. Take a cue from what others are doing good and incorporate the changes in your work.

Be your own person, and start a blog about what YOU do best, and feel really passionate about. This way, your work won’t just have high quality; it will also find its target audience. Engage with your readers, know their pulse. Once you invest in serving your readers, the revenues will surely follow in the long run.


What Is The Anatomy Of A Name? 

“What’s in a name?”, Shakespeare said. But in the world of the web, we know that certainly isn’t true. Learn how search engine optimization works and why it is important. Your blog name idea should align with the requirements of search engines to help your blog get views.

The search results will display your blog to people by mapping your blog name and its contents with the keywords your readers use to search for content. Therefore, choose your blog name prudently, keeping search engine optimization in mind. 

Here are some pointers listed to help you in naming your blog: –

  • Keywords

Imagine you are a photographer who wants to create content for the photography enthusiasts out there. Along with the breath-taking photos of mountains and seas or rivers on your blog, use the right keywords so that search engines can like your blog under travel blogging (if that’s what you’re aiming for).

You may be a videogame blogger writing about AI, Machine learning, and the complex languages that go into creating a video game. But since you mention technology so much, people might construe it to be a technology blog if you don’t optimize your blog for the right keywords. 

This is pretty common owing to the overlapping nature of these industries. Your blog’s name is the main topic of your entire website. Define your niche and name your blog on your core competency.

  • Target Groups

Think of a name that is relevant, catchy, represents your blog mood, and has a perennial ring to it. A fashion blog named “Vintage Winter” would mean that you only write about fashion tips for the autumn and winter seasons. 

Example: You are a fashion blogger aiming to write a blog about fashion dos and don’t, you may come up with a name like “Style Faux pas” which is a call out to your target audience with the name itself.

Travel blogging has various genres such as solo travel, luxury travel, adventure travel, etc. which are now quickly diversifying into newer genres such as couple travel, destination weddings, etc. A blog named “Around the World with Bae” is more likely to help the search engines redirect couples who are traveling enthusiasts to your blog.

  • Uniqueness

Understand that most bloggers go after the tried and tested clichés. They name their blogs based on what others are doing. You may also try various blog name generators to come up with something unique.

Example: Most fashion blogs will try to attract a female audience by having the words “fashion”, “fashionista”, “diva”, “queen” etc. while some of the most successful fashion blogs in the world do not have the word “fashion” in their names. 

similarly, almost all travel blogs inherently have the words “wanderlust”, “nomad”, “traveler”, etc. You risk getting lost in the melee of so many nomads out there. So, be creative.

  • Memorability

Have a name that’s easy to remember, spell, and pronounce. While there is no hard and fast rule to this, it is advisable to give your readers something easy to remember. It might help your blog with word of mouth marketing among peers.

Create something which has a lasting impact. It may be anything from classy to funny to even sarcastic. The idea is to ring in a bell in the mind of the audience when they read it. 

While “Techno Wizards” seems like a pretty good name for a Technology blog, “Coding Ninja Turtles” is a name that you will certainly remember for a long time.

  • Brandability

Try to use a single name for all the online presence of your blog. Ensure that you have the same name with little or no modifications on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Brand creation has many steps, and the name is the first.

Some bloggers choose to work under an alias while some have turned their names into brands themselves! With the right marketing, some bloggers have successfully turned themselves into a celebrity.



Remember that the key to getting readership is having the right keywords for search engine optimization. Which position your blog appears on the results of a search result determines how many readers will be able to locate your blog. Your blog name idea is only the first step to blogging success. Dedicated content marketing and high-quality work is the only thing that will sustain your blog in the long run.