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Data Centre Decommissioning Services & Why Your Organisation Should Hire The Professionals For It?

by | Sep 26, 2021 | data centre decommissioning services, IT & Technology

The internal data infrastructure of any organisation is a goldmine of valuable information that should never fall into the wrong hands. If it does, it will damage the reputation of your entire organisation in just one swoop. Aside from that, you may have to face legal battles of significant magnitude, which requires the splashing of hundreds of thousands of dollars, at the least. But you can simply avoid getting into so many troubles with data centre decommissioning services

A typical data centre decommissioning includes the de-installation of services, computers, disposal of outdated devices, e-waste material, and recycling. Moreover, the dismantling and demolition of make unusable equipment also come under the same umbrella.      

Why Hiring An Experienced Itad Service Provider Is Important Than Every Before?

More often than not, IT managers make the mistake of not hiring a professional ITAD provider that specialises in Data Centre Decommissioning Services. They believe that their internal staff is capable of securely decommissioning the entire data centre of their company. 

However, these turn out to be the wrong decisions 8 out of 10 times, at the very least. In any given data centre, there are thousands of drives and many other peripherals for destruction. Due to the sheer magnitude of the work required, these internal IT teams make many mistakes. 

You shouldn’t jeopardise the security of your organisation’s data just for saving some hundred bucks. Instead, hire a reliable ITAD service provider that offers the best deals for your data centre decommissioning services in Sydney! 

Genuine Audits

Professional ITAD companies usually conduct audits and generate reports before decommissioning your data centre. This approach allows them to determine the number of equipment, servers and other devices present in your data centre. Once they have a report for their reference, they will choose the best decommissioning your data centre. 

Make that is why audits are so crucial for any organisation’s data centre decommissioning process! 

Responsible Data Destruction

Earlier, we talked about the sheer amount of servers and devices in a typical data centre. Now let’s discuss a few things related to its destruction as well. The ITAD company has a formal report on the inventory of your data centre, now comes the destruction part. And believe us when we tell you that these ITAD companies are well capable of destroying your data without leaving a trace behind. 

And these companies will surely give you a receipt of all the data destruction. So you can produce them whenever any legal body or government body asks your organisation to show them. More importantly, your data is not dumped somewhere in Africa or the nearest landfill. All the unusable equipment is safely disposed of to avoid any environmental issues! 

Steer clear from any future legal battles and receive total benefits of ITAD services today with Excess Technology. We are the trusted name in Sydney for responsible, timely and efficient data centre decommissioning services provider!