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Custom Aluminium Fencing – 10 Interesting Tips

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Home Improvement

When choosing a fencing material for residential or commercial premises, you need to consider the features of each one before making the decision. An aluminium fence offers several different advantages over wrought iron, steel and wood. One of the biggest benefits to consider about aluminium fencing is the customisation option it offers. With the majority of properties having aluminium fences for privacy and protection, you need to know a few tips about customised fencing options to get.

  1. The aluminium fences come in commercial, residential, and industrial grades but the material for residences is the least expensive. 
  2. The fences made from aluminium comply with the safety requirements and the rust-proof quality makes them a good choice for outdoor fencing around your property.
  3. With aluminium fences and their fastening components, you can get a warranty against peeling, chipping, and manufacturing defects. 
  4. You need not require repair or maintenance after installation. 
  5. The aluminium fence is easy to install and lightweight. 
  6. As aluminium is easy to work with, you can go for custom aluminium fencing in residential and commercial premises.
  7. The aluminium fences are available in different styles, such as private, open, or modern, which allows you to get an appropriate fencing solution to meet your needs.
  8. When it comes to custom aluminium fencing, you can make it a perfect fit for any place.
  9. The customisation of an aluminium fence is not just about the fit but about the colour available.
  10. You can powder finish the fence with a variety of colours and create designs to match the architectural style of a residential or commercial place.

Designing aluminium fence

Apart from the colours and designs, you can choose from ornamental gates and picket tops to adorn the aluminium gates. With different styles and colours, you can also make the aluminium gate blend with the surrounding landscape when compared with wood. The lustre of the aluminium fence stays intact and rarely requires refinishing. With so many customisation options, the commercial and residential owners choose aluminium for fencing their properties.

Easy to repair

Apart from the ease of installation, the aluminium fences are easy to repair. You can change one or two components without choosing the entire section of the fence. No matter what kind of fence you prefer to get, a professional fence installer has the skills of powder coating to create the perfect style, finish, and colour. Ask the professional installer about the custom aluminium fencing options they offer before finalising your decision. 

Durability is the key

The aluminium fences are more durable than any other material. All you need to do is finish the fence using a dark shade and need not worry about it getting damaged under the sun. With warranties for the powder coating and the fence, you need not worry about maintaining the fence.

Versatility and security

As one of the most versatile materials, you can go for plenty of customisation options when crafting it to different styles and shapes. Whether it is the old ornate style, the conventional picket, or the contemporary slat fencing, you can go for custom designs that align with the architectural style of the home. 

The custom-designed aluminium fences are good for security additions to your home or business. Moreover, aluminium is a highly effective material providing security fencing to the gates where heavy security is necessary. No one can breach or destroy aluminium fencing as it is thicker than the other fencing options.

Thing to know

The custom aluminium fences do not rot or rust like other fencing materials and hardly require refinishing or replacement. Moreover, the fastening components for these fences are rust-proof. The powder coating allows you to maintain an appealing finish that stays intact for a lifetime. When it comes to the expenses, the customisation of aluminium fencing is much lesser than the other materials. 

The bottom line

Furthermore, the lightweight quality of this metal can reduce the cost of installation. Even if the slope is uneven, you can go ahead with the conventional fencing option due to the customised design you can make with aluminium. You can insert aluminium fencing into the brick, block, or plastered walls to add new texture and depth to the custom fence and enhance visibility. Most of the aluminium fences are made using recycled aluminium, so a customised aluminium fence also allows you to minimise the environmental impact.