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Correct Your Crooked Smile With Invisalign

by | Mar 15, 2020 | Dental, Health

Orthodontic technologies and techniques have advanced far not only in terms of efficiency, application, and hygiene but also in the issue of aesthetics.

Sometimes back, patients could use sapphire braces and lingual systems, but today it is possible to smooth the bite using Invisalign.  

Once every two months (preferably at the beginning of the second month), you should go for a consultation with a doctor to change the first design to a new one.

An absolute result will appear if you use Invisalign 20 of 24 hours every day. Four hours are intended for hygienic cleaning of the structure and food intake.

The total wearing period in the course of use from three months to two years, depending on the complexity of the situation.

When to wear Invisalign? 

  • If there are interdental spaces 

  • If there your teeth are highly crowded

What are the advantages of Invisalign? 

  • Invisalign liners are almost invisible. This can be great if your child is shy about wearing braces.

  • They are made of crystal-clear biopolymer material, according to individual sizes, exactly following the contours and features of the dentition.

  • They give a smile a sparkle that is characteristic of freshly polished teeth

  • Convenient hygiene: at the time of eating or brushing your teeth, it is easily removed.

  • This is not just comfortable, and it allows you to keep your teeth in perfect cleanliness throughout the treatment.

  • An acceptable schedule of visits to the orthodontist (approximately once every 4-6 weeks).

  • Lack of metal elements in the mouth. Important for allergy sufferers

Stages of treatment

  1. Initial consultation. An orthodontist determines the possibility of tooth alignment and occlusal correction on Invisalign burls.

  2. The second visit is diagnostics. This is the key to the success of the entire treatment! Casts, face pictures in full face and profile, a photo of the position of the teeth.

  3. A tomographic examination. Based on these data, a virtual model of your teeth is made in the laboratory of the manufacturer Align Technologies.

  4. The doctor shows you an individual video, which will show how your teeth will move by weeks, how long the treatment will take, and what result you will achieve in the end.

  5. After approval, the process of manufacturing an Invisalign cap set is launched.

  6. The child should go to the appointments to the orthodontist once every 4-6 weeks. The doctor monitors the progress of treatment, gives out new aligners.

  7. Each subsequent burl differs from the previous one. Invisalign are moderate, but constantly affect the teeth and move them in the right direction. As a result, the teeth are in the correct position.

Invisalign is the best if you need something that is not visible. When wearing, no one can notice. As such, you will be comfortable when wearing them.

Invisalign in Parramatta is very durable and also will serve you effectively. They can be costly but are worth the pay.

Do not fear to spend since your health is essential. Wear Invisalign and make your teeth shine again!