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Concurrent Use of Commercial Industrial Solar Panels

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Business

As the word ‘solar’ suggests, solar energy is derived from the sun. This energy is harnessed through the technology called photovoltaic cells (PVC), which can directly turn sunlight to electricity. The cells have electrons. When the photons of sunlight hit the cells, the electrons get excited and flow and generate electricity. Solar energy is clean and renewable energy. Solar energy is harnessed with the help of solar EPC companies. EPC stands for engineering, procurement, and construction. These companies take care of constructing the photovoltaic cells and also install them in residential and commercial buildings.

There are several solar companies in Mumbai today. There are some very compelling reasons for the growing popularity of solar panels:

Solar energy is good for the environment: Unlike thermal energy or any other form of non-renewable energy, solar energy does not produce any harmful emissions. The energy comes from the most natural source of resource: the sun. No harmful gases such as nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide or particulate matter are emitted through the use of solar energy.

Solar energy systems are durable: As solar panels Don’t need to be moved around, it does not stand the chance of getting damaged easily. No wonder solar companies in Navi Mumbai are investing largely in solar panels. Also, all solar panels are tested thoroughly to ensure they withstand extreme weather conditions like high winds and hail.

Solar energy has a fixed energy cost: Electricity from utility providers do not have a set cost and keep rising and falling. However, setting up your solar energy panels a one-time investment that can let you use electricity at a set, minimal monthly payment. Even the maintenance cost of solar panels is low and they do not require maintenance at regular intervals.

Use of commercial industrial solar panels

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus(CST) is one of the most commercially busy areas in Mumbai. Solar companies in CST are increasingly using solar panels for different uses:

In commercial buildings: Large number of PVCs is being installed in commercial buildings to meet power needs at a sustainable cost. This is mainly done because commercial and industrial buildings require more power consumption than residential buildings.

Indoor lights: The indoor lighting in commercial buildings is being done with the help of solar panels. Usually, commercial buildings require light for twenty-four hours; hence solar power is a sustainable form of lighting.

Outdoor lights: Not just the light requirement for the commercial building, outdoor lighting with the help of solar panels can also meet the needs of street lighting.

Water heater system: Commercial buildings require water for the whole day. Hence commercial solar water heaters can be used to meet the demand for hot water without using electricity.

Solar energy for power plants: In industrial power plants, turbines run on electricity. There is a huge amount of electricity consumption that can be supplied with the help of solar panels.

Hence there are several uses of solar panels in commercial and industrial setups in and around Mumbai. With growing demand, a number of companies are investing in solar panels.