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Concrete Pump Uses And What Does It Do?

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Business, home builders

Concrete pumps are found on almost all construction sites in Sydney. Whether it’s a small or a high-end project, concrete pumping Sydney makes the task easier for the construction industry. 

The best part is that concrete pumping is made up of cutting-edge technology, and it is economical and practical. In recent years, concrete pumps have taken over transferring liquid concrete at all construction sites.

What is a concrete pump?

A concrete pump is often used for transferring liquid mixed concrete from the containers to the construction site. Nowadays, no construction project is complete without the use of concrete pumping in Sydney. The concrete pumps come in two variants. These include the boom or truck mounted pump, which is more prominent in size, and the one is called the stationary pump. It is used for smaller projects like preparing ground slabs and sidewalks. 

Uses of concrete pumps

  • It offers the best option for concrete placement at the construction site and a much faster speed.
  • The use of concrete pumps requires less consumption of water as compared to the other techniques.
  • Using concrete pumps can improve and increase the pouring accuracy in case of construction of high rise buildings and insulated concrete walls, 
  • By using concrete pumps, the process of concrete pouring becomes simple and easy. Thus, construction companies and homeowners don’t have to worry about project delays.
  • Concrete pumps also make sure that concrete is placed even at inaccessible sites. Thus, whether you want to build a foundation slab or a very high rise building, using concrete pumps can be one of the best options.
  • Labour requirement becomes less when using the concrete pumps. Thus, it leads to saving of workforce, energy, and extra overhead costs.
  • The use of concrete pumps is more convenient than the old mix and pour method. It can reach areas and locations where other equipment won’t go. 
  • Construction companies can expect higher accuracy and quality concrete placement by using concrete pumps. Pumping of concrete also leads to zero material wastage.
  • In addition to all these uses and advantages, concrete pumps for concrete placement are also not impacted by weather conditions.


Overall, if you need quick and efficient concrete placement for your construction projects, nothing can be better than using concrete pumps. Although most construction companies have pumps, make sure to look for a company that offers concrete pumping in Sydney at a cost-effective price. For the next construction project, don’t forget to use concrete pumps to get the advantages we mentioned above. Let us know if you want to get any additional details about the usage and the benefits of concrete pumps.