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Complete Your Medical Education From Top A Colleges In Russia

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Education

Are you a medical aspirant and having a dream to become a doctor? Then complete your medical education from the top medical university in Russia. Russia provides a world-class medical education at reasonable rates to students all over the world, especially from India. In the Russia federation the large number of international students opting to study medicine and year by year it has been surging. The students from all over the world are flocking to Russian medical education. In Russia, there are 20 medical colleges with 17,000 + doctors imparting medical education. In the world directory of medical schools published by the WHO, a sizable number of medical universities in Russia are listed. Russia is one of the popular destinations to study and complete your MBBS degree. 

study mbbs in russiaWorld-Class Infrastructure:

  • Russian medical universities have modern equipment in hospitals that facilitate you to learn in a well-structured environment
  • The best medical colleges in russia for indian students has world-class infrastructure that offers you the hands-on training
  • In Russia, most of the medical universities are of a high standard and recognized by WHO, MCI, European Council and UNESCO. 

International Exposure:

  • When you study in a foreign country, you will get exposure to meet fellow students from different countries, ethnicity, and backgrounds.
  • This diverse environment helps you to settle down in a new country
  • As a medical student in Russia, you will get exposed to large patient inflows.

Class Strength:

  • In Russian medical colleges, the strength of the batch is between 12-15 students or less than that
  • So, the teachers can easily take the individual attention of every student

MCI Coaching:

  • One advantage to study MBBS in Russia is that you can get trained for the Medical Council of India (MCI) screening test. So that you can easily clear the MCI screening tests in India. 

No Donation or Capitation Fee:

  • In India private medical institutes charge will demand to pay a huge amount of donation or capitation fee apart from the yearly fee.
  • While this is not the case with MBBS colleges in Russia, most of the MBBS colleges in Russia have no donation or capitation fee. 

Low Tuition Fees and Affordable Living Cost:

  • When compared to the Indian private colleges, the russia mbbs fees for indian students is very low.
  • The fees range between Rs.4.5 lakhs to Rs.8 lakhs per year 
  • In Russia, living expenses are also affordable. It ranges between Rs.14k to Rs.21k per month.
  • Obviously, you can survive with Rs.7k to Rs.14k that depends on your lifestyle.

Funded Tuition:

  • Russia offers foreign citizens the opportunity to receive free tuition.
  • Every year, international students get several thousands of scholarships from the Russian government

No Entrance Test for Admission:

  • There is no entrance test required to secure admission in Russian medical colleges
  • Admission is based on your performance in 12th standard on the first cum first serve basis
  • You will be given preference if you have more than 60% in your 12th standard.

Comfortable and Well-Equipped Dormitories and Campuses:

  • In terms of study facilities, the Russian government is a match for many western universities
  • Russian universities offer students facilities like high-level equipment for laboratories, study facilities, and scientific centres.
  • In their own dormitories, most of the MBBS universities offer you a low cost of accommodation.

Worldwide Recognition Degree:

  • MBBS degree obtained from a Russian university is recognized worldwide.

International Students Adapt Easily:

  • Russia is a multinational country, so you can easily adapt to life in Russia.
  • Russia is a country of diversity in all spheres of life from culture to domestic. It is home to more than 200 ethnic groups that speak more than 100 dialects and languages.

Wrapping it up:

The top medical colleges in russia for indian students provide you with a quality education thereby you can become a successful doctor. Studying in Russia is affordable so make sure to complete your medical education from a top college in Russia.