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Commercial Ice Maker And Its Types

by | Aug 30, 2021 | Business, Commercial

If you’re running a bar, you have to consider a couple of things so that you can run your business carefully. It can be the brand of alcohol that you use as well as the furniture to be bought so that your bar looks really stylish. One other thing that can add value to your bar is a commercial ice maker. People prefer their drinks to be chilled, especially if it’s the summer. Even if it’s winter, it can get pretty hot in a bar and most people would still demand the ice in their drinks. With the help of a commercial ice maker, you can serve ice to the end number of users.

Here are the types of ice makers which can be categorised into four types:

1. Ice Machine Head 

One of the most commonly used ice makers in a bar or restaurant is an ice machine head. It can generate a large volume of ice all at once which is why most of the bars prefer it. You need a separate unit with this type of ice maker in order to store the ice. It is available in different widths which allows you to have the luxury of choice. The larger the ice maker you choose, the bigger container would be required to store the ice produced. All in all, it is a great commercial ice maker which can really help when you need a huge amount of ice at a specific point in time. 

2. Undercounter Ice Machines 

If you’re running a small bar or you have just started your business, you would rather need an ice maker which can produce ice rapidly but in small quantities. Undercounter ice machines can really help you out in that situation. These ice makers can combine with a storage bin easily. So you just have to command for the ice to be generated and you can easily store the ice produced at the same point in time. It wouldn’t carry much space either so that’s another advantage coming with this type of ice maker. 

3. Countertop Ice Dispenser 

While the aforementioned commercial ice makers can work only in the case of bars and restaurants, countertop ice dispensers may be helpful in other settings as well. It can generate ice in a perfect shape and size. The ice generated can be chewed pretty easily as well. It will be a great fit in hospitals too. The storage bin is small but these machines can still make about 400 pounds of ice per day. 

4. Ice/water Machines 

How about a machine that can generate ice as well as water? Oh yes, it’s very much possible with this type of commercial ice maker. These work incredibly well in areas where you need that multifaceted option. You can put it anywhere in an office, cafeteria or a restaurant. The combination of ice and water will prove to be a great choice. 

So these are some of the commercial ice makers which you can use. Reason out why you need an ice maker in the first place and based on that, you can choose from the given options!