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Commercial Fridge Repair – A Checklist

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Commercial Refrigeration

With the holiday season knocking at the door, restaurant owners are scrambling to stock up food supplies so that they can cater to the onslaught of customers flocking to try the trendiest and tastiest food items. In such times commercial refrigerators become a necessity that must be up and running. Hence if your refrigerator is showing any signs of slowing down, please make sure you contact the best commercial fridge repair in Sydney and other parts of the world. 

A best friend and worst enemy:

If you are running a convenience store or restaurant, then you may be having a love-hate relationship with your refrigeration equipment.  While they help you to serve fresh food and chilled beer, if they break down, you are business comes to a standstill. Melted ice cream wilted greens are not something you can serve your customers. If you are in the business for some time, you will probably know the anxiety that one feels when a critical freezing unit breaks down during a busy dinner time. This is when you call for a commercial fridge repair in Sydney or wherever you are.

A handy checklist:

So that you do not have to go through the panic of fetching a commercial fridge repair in Sydney here is a checklist that can come in handy:

  • Check temperature and defrost on time – Make sure you set the optimum temperature as too high a temperature can spoil the food and too low a temperature makes the freezing unit work too hard which can shorten the lifespan of the refrigerator. The same rule applies to defrost—defrost only when needed.
  • Clean the units inside – Please follow the manufacturer’s manual when you clean the units of the refrigerator. Avoid using steel wool and caustic chemicals like bleach. Also, regularly clean the inside units as dirt and grease can cause different parts to malfunction, forcing you to summon a commercial fridge repair in Sydney and other parts of the globe.
  • Check for cold air leaks – Keep the gaskets, hinges, seals, and latches in good condition to avoid air leaks. Keep testing the door gasket as if the cold air leaks; it puts a lot of pressure on the cooling unit. If the door slides open too easily, call for a fridge repair mechanic immediately.
  • Turn off lights for walk-in freezers – Walk-in freezers are commonly used commercial refrigerators. Keeping the lights on, not only sets the electricity bill skyrocketing, but puts pressure on the cooling unit as the light generates heat.  Using fluorescent lights inside the freezer generates less heat.
  • Keep the space around the refrigerator clear – Debris and stacks of things can block the air around the refrigerator, putting a strain on the cooling unit and even causing it to overheat. Power consumption is also more if the airflow is strained.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned points can help to keep commercial fridge repair in Sydney and other parts of the world, at bay. Also, doing a quarterly check and maintenance can increase the life span of any commercial refrigerator considerably.